Friday, March 7, 2008


Ah, Friday. Do you remember Monday when I was right fired up about it being Monday and back on schedule? Well bah to that. Weekend of laziness here I come!

I will be buying Maternity clothes this weekend and calling about a cleaning service on Monday. Hippy hip hooray. This is the life of a chronic procrastinator just so you know. I am ALL talk and no action... speaking of which -

SOOOO I cannot believe I forgot to mention that my friend, Jen, from Detroit, and her hubby, Randy, has their baby boy last month. I totally suck. The baby is OH SO very cute. He was born on February 12 and his name is Evan! YEAH for them! Yes he is three weeks old already so I really really suck.

I also just found out last week that hotmail has been blocking random people from sending email to me. Like my friend Michelle. She is one of my oldest friends besides Jennifer. Michelle & I have known one another for 17 years... Can we just stop here because I had to do the math to figure that out and I almost crapped in my pants when I saw that number only because that is how long it has been since I was a freshman in college but ah Jennifer from San Jose (the one I mentioned above) ah that would mean we have known each other since... hmm carry the 4.... minus 1987-ish and 2008 - that is 21 years... HOLY CRAP. Yeah so any who la la la la NOT OLD NOT OLD...

Michelle called me to tell me she can see all my e-mail but I cannot see anything she is sending back to me. I just figured she was busy with life. You know having three kids ranging from 8 to 4 years of age will do that to you. And as I mentioned ah picking up the phone - I mean what is that? Who doesn't read this blog or email these days? Dang I have thought about upgrading my phone so I can text more just so I can completely cut out human contact all together... I kid, people, I kid (sort of...)

I gave Michelle my spam email address & we are able to reconnect finally after any moons of not - what don't we all have two e-mail addresses? In my case, three but who's counting? The spam e-mail address is for ordering stuff. I use it on almost all public sites and I only get spam or order confirmations to it. I love it. Keeps the other one much cleaner but apparently TOO clean. I am glad that has been cleared up because I was just starting to think that Michelle hated me and that would be tragic (seriously...) I was going to have to drive my lazy ass up to Milwaukee to hunt her down and find out why, WHY does she hate me? What's that? Ohhhh yeah because I never call or write or send birthday cards any more. It is me who sucks at this communication thing. Note to all: on going life changing goal to be better about communicating with people I love. Dually noted that this probably will be an on going process through out my life because I am a hermit crab. So yeah there is that.

Are you still with me? I wouldn't be if I were you... SO don't you love the sound of your child's voice when they sing along to their favorite (insert song/CD) in the car? Or they do the hand motions and dance in their car seat? We love this though I would love to chuck that Little People CD out the window most days but I still LOVE it!

Happy Weekend to all!


Shades of Gray said...

Let me know if you want any company in the quest for maternity clothes. Good luck!

jennifer said...

I still don't think you get my replies from gmail to hotmail! But yes, imagine in the time that we have known each other a child has grown to legal drinking age.


melissa said...

Lily's favorite song right now, and for the past month, as been the song from Sleeping Beauty. "I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream" Over and over and over and sometimes with a 'D' sound at the start of every word: "Di dow dou, Di dalked dith dou donce dupon da dream"...whatever that is about.

Good luck finding Maternity clothes. If you'd like I can shop the Target sale rack for you. They never have cute sale maternity clothes while I'm pregnant but they are EVERYWHERE when I'm not preggo! I don't know how they make the clothes invisible to pregnant women!

It also freaks me out to think about how long I've known people. In a couple of weeks I'm traveling to visit with girls I've known for, gosh, nearly 16 years! Yikes!

Welcome to our World said...

Jennifer - we need to talk. I will give you the uber secret spam email too and see if we can talk like that because you are correct I have not seen an email from you in some time... WEIRD. Ewww, I did not think of the legal age thing. Weeee!

Kelly - LET'S GO! I just bought some stuff on and SUPPOSEDLY the stuff from Motherhood Maternity is coming any. day. now. But I am always up for a shopping expedition!

Melissa - the song - OMG that is funny. Matthew even knows the things the Little People say before and after the songs... GAH. And that is SO true about the maternity clothes not being there when we are pregnant but then suddenly appearing AFTERWARDS! See it is scary when you do the math on how long you know someone!