Monday, March 10, 2008

Who Stole the Hour from the Weekend?

What time is right now anyway??? My gawd. And why don't they grant a national holiday to do this time change crap so we can spend a day lying about re-adjusting to the time change? I mean for real. Don't they know I am pregnant and struggle with sleeping as it is? And that my son will still see 6:15a on the clock and say the clock says it is time to wake up? And also that his little mind does not work the same way for going to bed at night so 9p is the new 8p which getting him in bed at 8p was hard enough to accomplish as it is without Daylight saving time change. In a word, this time change stuff is CRAP-tastic. Bah humbug to dark drives to work and exhaustion. And while I sit here and bitch about it - just so you know I know, this will only last a few days and then it will all re-adjust but I can still bitch about it all, kay?

The weekend was, ah, interesting. There was good and bad to it. It snowed! That was fun. Matthew loved it, Kevin loved it, I loved it and we all hoped this was the last time for the season. We made snowballs and wee threw them up in the air.

Matthew and I went to the library early Saturday morning. Which was great! It was super cool to see him interact so well with the other kids in the play room. He played, chatted, shared and helped to clean up. That was nice.

It was leaving part that turned U-G-L-Y. Isn't there some BS about children this age asserting their independence? AND why do the experts say it is SO bad to spank your child? BY NO MEANS, did I or have I ever spanked Matthew just so you know. That was rhetorical, you know just a thought on my part mostly...

Matthew seriously threw a fit when I would not let him walk up the same side of the stairs as he came down thus getting in the way of numerous annoyed library patrons. He screamed bloody murder over the fact that I just walked away from him so he had to make his way up the stairs on his own.

Then there was the parking lot. Yeah I half dragged, half carried my child into the lot, again with angry LOUD protests. SO I just decided that he knew better and let him go. He took my hand and went to the car where he pulled the stiff as a board, screaming at the top of his lungs thing because 'NO I DO NOT WANT TO GET IN THE CAR....' SO I put him the car and shut the door and got in the car myself. By this time a car is waiting in the very small lot. To this Matthew ear splittingly told me that he 'NEEDED TO BE STRAPPED IN MOMMY NOOOOOOWW.' Now again please understand I would NEVER under any circumstances drive away with my child unbuckled but I knew no other way to make my point to him. This adventure is a good example of an ongoing battle in our home as of late.

Matthew knows best and he will not listen to either Kevin or myself. My patience level has been terribly low and I have found that what is best for both of us is letting him work it out in his mind that what he doing is wrong or else I feel my blood pressure pushing through the roof and I want to fling myself on the ground right next my three year old and sob just as uncontrollably as he is. It sucks.

Eventually, I got out, strapped him and we drove off. We talked about it and both apologized. Things did not get better until after a 2 hour nap. Then it was like the evil kid went way and good kid was back.

Sunday? Same verse, worse then the first if that is possible but this time it was Kevin dealing with it and not me.

He also tried to fling himself in front of cars twice more in various parking lots across the city. I am rethinking leash time for Matthew because it scared the bejebus out of both Kevin and I every single dang time. I did spend a lot of money this weekend to off set the stressful toddler weekend so that great.

Oh and my darlin' blissfully ignorant husband said "Honey, it is terrible twos, trusting threes so we only have to deal with this behavior for another 41 days..." To which I laughed manically until I could not breath.

I think mostly Matthew's behavior has to do with testing us and our follow through on treats like we will take way your blankie, you will have a time out or no books before bed time. And also because he wants to see how far he can push us. But if I have to say like a parrot to my son one more time "how do we ask for that nicely?" I may pull all the hair out of my head. At least I am not the only one of us feeling this way. Kevin is just as much at a lose as I am.

We also think that Matthew is sick and tired of being a shut in. He wants to play. OUTSIDE. In the sunshine, in his sandbox, with his bike, etc. He needs to run and play and he is tired of being inside. Which at first for all of us was dandy and we had lots to do but now we are just bored with what we have to do. SO fa lalalala SPRING where are you?

Where was I with this post... oh the good. I spent a lot of money, that was fun. We went out to eat and Matthew was charming to the point I think the nice young man who waited on us was like 'HEY kids are not THAT bad.' HA FOOLED YA! Kevin and I watched TWO movies - The Departed and Transformers. Okay seriously Transformers was actually pretty good.

My most favorite thing of all is that Matthew is way into puzzles. We have two now. One is Winnie the Pooh. A 24 piece puzzle for ages 3 and up. He loves it and does it 10 times a day. SO I bought him a Cinderella puzzle too. Seriously I wish I could have a camera in hand because if you all could have seen his little face light up bigger then any present he has ever EVER received when Kevin took that thing out of the bag well it was worth the $3.99 and doing the puzzle three times in one night!

I bought some maternity clothes online on Friday and the clothes from Motherhood Maternity arrived finally. Have you bought pants from there lately? They have the best new panels in their pants!! Only one thing did not fit at all and I will need to return that. The Gap stuff is en route.

We also went to Sam's Club. With a list. And bought twice as much stuff as planned. I did get two cute outfits for Pancake. A Carter's sleeper that is all pinky flowers with flowers on the feet (!!!) and a Carter's pink hoodie outfit with flowery pants. $4.81 each! Weee.

Then I went to Target because Matthew is outgrowing his winter clothes at an astounding rate. I bought new underwear about two weeks ago because he told me his old ones were uncomfortable. 4T undies!!! ACK. This week I bought clearance long pants that were 4T. He has been wearing 4T shirts for some time but I was unprepared for the LENGTH on 4T pants. It seems so wrong... My hands are itching to buy girl clothes too but I am going to wait for clearance sales to buy stuff. However I did buy a cute jumper for Pancake from along with my maternity stuff. Sadly the only reason I bought this rather plain jumper was for the ruffles on the butt because my goodness RUFFLES on the butt!?!?! Okay and it was on sale... All they had for boys when Matthew was a wee tot was a bear peeking up from his rump but RUFFLES, people.

Ah, see when I am sleepy I ramble. Sorry. OH and Pancake, kicking up a storm right now so I guess she is saying hi and happy Monday to all!


LoriD said...

My oldest was not at all prone to tantrums, except when leaving the library! I think she sensed that it would be the worst possible place and just went for it.

On the "leash", Swistle just did a review of an Eddie Bauer leash on Sundry Buzz that looks adorable. I'm considering getting one for Maggie, who thinks it's hilarious to run away from us.

Welcome to our World said...

Hmm, I will have to check that out Lori D! Is there any better way to get your blood pumping then to see your child fling him or herself off the sidewalk with reckless abandon??? ACK.

Amber said...

First time reader...Funny post!

I can relate! Let's just say my weekend WAS THE SAME. Right from the darn DST to the toddler.

Jen said...

Love the little outfit for princess pancake with the ruffles on the rump. How adorable! Little girl clothes are so stinkin' cute.

Oh and is this what I get to look forward to as Evan gets older? Jumping in front of cars and library tantrums? Sounds fun! :)

Welcome to our World said...

Ah Jen everything you read about is not true... it is all a figment of your imagination... Okay it is all true, I cannot tell a lie ;)

melissa said...

What is it with these kids lately? Lily will go from calm and happy to limp noodle child with INSANE whining in 2 seconds. She's uber sensitive lately too. Any little thing sends her into dramatics or tears. I understand that she will get upset about things and I want her to be able to express that but when she can turn the tears off as quickly as they started I feel like I'm being played.

I do agree that they are getting stir crazy from being inside for so long. We made a point of going outside yesterday evening for just 20 minutes or so to color with sidewalk chalk. It was chilly but so worth it. Spring is almost here...

Jen said...

When will you post another tummy picture?