Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I have suddenly turned into brain dead not so smart pregnant lady. I mean seriously. I have been struggling, mentally. A LOT. SO if you see me around blankly staring off into space with a slightly confused expression on my face & I look like I might also lose my balance, I have not been drinking - I am just pregnant. I think I need one of those word shirts - 'not drunk, just pregnant' so the poor people I run into with my shopping cart at the grocery store or step on their toes at Target (both are real stories...) know I do not mean it - it is out of my control. I am just pregnant.

Also, sleep. Novel concept and a great idea in theory. I mean I would love to say I go to sleep at a responsible hour due to the pregnancy and the perpetually cranky toddler, sleep through the night like I was tired and pregnant. Then wake up refreshed at the appointed hour I need to be up in order to get ready for work, make my lunch, eat breakfast, feed my child, get him dressed, spend some QT with him and get off to day care & work.

Rather I sit in bed at night until I finally force my index finger to depressed the red off button on the TV remote when the glowing (evil) red alarm clock blinks midnight, curl onto my Snoogle and lay there feeling my sinuses fill up with gook. I finally drift off only to wake up at 2:00a, 3:00a, 4:00a to lay there. Staring at the wall. Wondering WHY I am laying there awake? What woke me? What can I do to fall back to sleep?

Last night was the 1st time I reminded myself that if I was awake I should just get up because I know that I will not "just fall back to sleep". What did I do you ask? I just laid there, feeling sorry for myself, petting Santana's bald back. I will get up next time because laying there is just stupid. Think of the things I could do. WORK! LATE NIGHT INFOMERCIALS! WARM CUPS OF TEA (caffeine free of course!) A WORKOUT! Yeah all those sound appealing at 3:00a, right?! Oy.

The life of a pregnant lady is grand! We sure live it up!


melissa said...

Insomnia drove me nuts while I was pregnant. Mostly I was up 5-6 times each night to pee but sometimes I would just lay there after getting back in bed. Ick. No tips on how to fall back asleep though. I just closed my eyes and figured that if I wasn't sleeping I would at least just rest. Usually I ended up getting back to sleep fairly quickly.

Welcome to our World said...

UGH not me. I just lay there for hours on end. Some times I fall back to sleep - after many hours. I also figure I should just rest if I am not sleeping. Plus getting up to do anything would require more energy then I wish to expend particularly at 3:00a.

Oh and I should have noted I am not waking up to use the bathroom - I just find myself laying there with my eyes open, awake... At least peeing would be a mildly productive way to wake up in the night :)

LoriD said...

Heh. This does not sound unlike my nights the last couple of weeks, and I'm not even pregnant.

I usually get up, mess around on the computer for awhile, then go back to bed. The worst thing to do is to just lie there and think about all the sleep you're missing.

AndreAnna said...

Luckily, I am not having sleeping issues yet. I am in the same fog though. But I watched a whole special that "pregnancy brain" is a real thing - a way mothers use to forget other things and focus on their kids to protect the species.

Have you tried benadryl to sleep? It's safe and works like a charm for me.