Thursday, March 6, 2008

Half Way Thru the Marathon

Wowza, 20 whole weeks. Well if I told you the truth about when the actual due date is that would be incorrect but it is more fun to think I have made it to the half way mark! I am just going to operate on the pre-ultrasound guessed due date because I am guessing this baby will be LATE late late and if that is the case again well holy cow I want to believe this is the 20 week mark! Weee :)

Seems like time is flying by with this wee tot but on the other hand I keep reminding myself that 20 weeks really is only the tip of the ice berg. I mean I have not reached critical mass on the tummy thing as of yet though I have definitely FINALLY popped a bit more - I actually look pregnant because my co-workers have commented on it, several times! Oh how I hate that there is photo at home trapped on my battery deficient camera for you to see. Will try to post this weekend... NEED LAP TOP, see.

I am struggling with sleep quite a bit right now. Not sure if that has to do with the fact that my nose is stuffed up 9 ways to Sunday so that the stuffed nose makes my mouth dry and my throat hurt, or that I have to use the facilities in the middle of the night but quite frankly I am way to lazy to crawl out of bed and would rather lie in bed awake waiting for what - the pee sensation to go away? The dogs, okay let's be specific, Santana, drives me batty and, my god, the heat wave that occurs every night from dog to human contact and covers. I want to lie in a bath of ice, I think I would sleep better...

And then there is wee Matthew who last night woke up because "mommy my hand is tingling. WAILLLLL... Can I have a glass of water, please?" Well at least he said 'please'. Oh yeah and the night before a nightmare about Farmer Pickles - yes that is right FARMER freakin' Pickles from Bob the Builder. Last night he went back to sleep and I went back to sleep, you know in my own bed versus his.

I am gassy - we will leave it at that, thankyouverymuch.

I need to buy some clothes that fit because I cannot wait any longer for spring/summer to arrive. Long pants specifically. That do not painfully constrict my tum tummy.

I want to eat, A LOT. All the time. Like at 3:00am. Are you getting my point? This is a new development. I mean before I wanted to eat but I could sort of control the cravings. But now, you better watch out if you are eating near by because I will, chomp chomp mmmm eat your hand right off... And this is not healthy food I am talking about. I want ice cream, cookies and pizza OH YEAH. And lots of it. Hmm, two for one deal on ice cream - OKAY! Yeah more sour dough bread with my super cheesy lasagna - would I have it any other way??? Nope. This is not a complaint mind you - I kind of secretly like this part of pregnancy (though the aftermath makes me want to cry but eh, whatever!) and will miss never being able to eat like a moo cow again after having PP (that is Princess Pancake if you are just joining me here.) Therefore bring on the food, baby!

Little Miss Pancake is moving like mad. I am actually trying to keep track of the times of day when she moves but mostly she is moving A LOT all of a sudden which is in direct relationship to my new plow the food in my face as fast as I can or as fast as I can move my jaw, chew, swallow and plow again without, you know, gagging myself.

I love pregnancy!! I am having a lot of fun right now with it despite being tired 24/7 & hungry and big as in I am still trying to cram myself into non maternity pants, WTF!!! 20 weeks (or so...), Can you believe it!??! Oh and it is THURSDAY today, right?


AndreAnna said...

I did my halfway post last night! Too funny! I love that we are the same weeks pregnant.

And this kid is a ninja baby too moving all the time! Let's never get them together for fear of a nuclear tornado. LOL ;)

AndreAnna said...

Oh and congrats for making it halfway!

And I have a trick for the gas - one colace pill every night or ask your OB for the Prenate Elite vitmains, which have it already in there. After about a week, things are so - ahem - regular, your stomach feels great. Ask your OB if you're nervous but it is totally safe.

And wearing looser pants can help too. I know THAT's a tall order, but it does make a difference.

melissa said...

Wow! Half way! That's exciting! I too love the license to eat while pregnant. With both of mine I tried hard in the beginning to eat reasonably but eventually just let it all go and ate what I wanted, when I wanted and as much as I wanted. I felt better and was happier. Isn't that really what's it's all about anyway!

iheartchocolate said...

Good for you! Half way marks are good.