Monday, March 17, 2008

Hot flashes, Indigestion and Bunnies

Nothing like four days of non stop indigestion, reflux and basic horrible stomach pain (all of this would occur in the afternoon and evening...) coupled with a complete lack of sleep along with weird-o dreams and a few pregnancy freak out moments, well I felt I like a newbie to this pregnancy thing. I never had the upset stomach indigestion thing (much) the first time so this is a new, shocking and painful experience. And indigestion - a few times here and there but NOTHING like this.... The sleep thing - well I am sure I had that the 1st go around but I also could lie around and do nothing when I was tired. Now you know there is this little toddler who has needs and wants AND I really want to be there for him and enjoy the time I have with him now. However, sitting near the toilet with a container of Tums in one hand & a glass of water in the other - that is not exactly ENJOYMENT.

OH and one more complaint then I will STOP, I swear. But lordy people the hot flashes and cold sweats... I told Kevin that if this is menopause I would prefer to skip that phase of life, please and thank you. Let's just say that both mornings this weekend I was in a short sleeved shirt OUTSIDE trying to cool off. Then once I cooled off I was HOT but freezing which is just a weird experience to have. SO yeah.

Other then the afternoon/evening illness - heat waves it was a great weekend. No seriously. I mean we had a lovely weekend in the mornings. Matthew was (KNOCK ON WOOD) back to his old self. He was friendly, fun, amiable, and even listened when we asked him to do stuff. We planted 90 million bulbs (and when I say "we" I mean Kevin & Matthew!) There are still a ton more to do mostly green plants that do not have flowers. We went to the local children's museum. We relaxed and enjoyed the outdoors a bit here and there. We went for walks. We had friends over for a little run around time with the kids. Overall it was nice besides you know the gut wrenching pain.

Currently Matthew's big thing is that he likes to help unload the groceries and tells us each item. It is fun and makes putting the groceries away a speedy process! I bought three cards at Kroger on Sunday so I could get a free little stuffed bunny rabbit - yes, I am total sucker but the bunny, it was really cute - and my goodness, you should have seen the look on Matthew's face when he pulled that out of the grocery bag. It made buying the cards WORTH IT! His eyes lit up and he turned to me and said with wonder "For me?" I about died from how sweet he was about getting that bunny! He hung on to that bunny all day yesterday and slept with it and told me he LOVED his new bunny "so much" both yesterday and this morning. He named the bunny Cary and introduced it to his other current favorite stuffed animal Bob the Beaver (whose voice comes from me and sounds like a grouchy old man... Matthew loves it!)

Happy St. Patty's Day to all!


AndreAnna said...

Ah yes, I remember the indigestion all too well, And it has come back with a vengeance. My OB said I could take pepcid before eating and it has made a world of difference (when I remember to take it in time).

As far as the sleeping goes, google and buy the Prince Lionheart pregnancy wedge pillow. It is phemonenal! It's a memory foam wedge that supports your belly in bed so you can get comfortable. Made a huge difference in my sleeping! That brand is the only one that comes in memory foam and the others are too firm. So worth it!

Welcome to our World said...

I wish getting comfy was my issue. I just wake up and lay there. No reason generally. I am not worried, I do not have to use the bathroom. I am not hungry. I just find myself awake (and hot usually...) It is the most bizarre thing I have experienced. Last time I was usually worried, hungry or had to pee. This time I am just awake. ACK!

LoriD said...

Maggie loves unloading the groceries too. She sees it as her job.

K and J's mom said...

I swear, I went through at least THREE of the supersized bottles of TUMS from Sam's Club during my pg with Jack....and three different prescription antacids! Hope that gets better soon for you!