Friday, March 14, 2008

Cha-Cha Changes...

I thought it might be interesting to look back to one year ago today and what I was blogging about. SO I did. Though it might be more interesting to see this day or this day or this one (mostly because there are photos in those links!) But still today a year ago well wow how life has changed for Matthew in terms of day care. And the truth is that I did not really love Matthew's school at the time but I wanted so badly to make it work for his sake that I overlooked a lot of stuff. Matthew is in such a better place with Kelly now and we could not be more grateful, as I have mentioned about 300 million times, that she decided to open her home, knowledge and experience to my child.

The seriousness of the daycare situation Matthew was in before Kelly's house is SO much bigger then anything I wrote that day one year ago. There were MANY "abuses" going on in that place and I can only say that I wish I knew then what I know now because I would have taken my son out on the SPOT. From the baby room up to the preschool there were terrible things that should not have been happening. It gives some credence to the whole homeschooling concept. And while Matthew did grow and thrive there he also learned some things he should not have, things that cannot be changed by telling him he should not do this or that. At the end of the day, I am glad he not there any more and I thank my lucky stars for that every single day.

I was also freaking out this week last year that my son was turning two in a few short weeks and party planning. Do I care less this year because I have yet to be worried? Ack, I mean seriously I have no idea what I am going to do for his birthday yet. We have a bunch of ideas floating around and I better settle on one QUICK because hey my kid turns THREE on the 19th of April (OMG OMG OMG 37 days breathing...) and mostly when the heck did that happen!? I mean doesn't he still look like this??!!

Yeah, no not so much, I know but can you believe that?

How time flies when your child is growing up before your very eyes. And he is leaping, jumping, running, biking, getting better at drawing in the lines, and can have whole conversations with you; he can defy you, and get into trouble for being "bad" (because he intended to be bad...) He can sleep. THROUGH the night! He is strong and smart (not that he was not those things when he was a tiny baby too but more so now!) He pets his dogs & loves on the a lot. He has quirks and can crack jokes. He can be a handful and some times I jokingly refer to him as the world's smallest teenager (not to his face). He can remember the details of things that have happened over the past two years and he will recount stories. He cracks jokes. I thinks things over before acting (SOME TIMES...) I could go on & on about the changes that have slowly evolved over the past year...

Wow, I mean three - that is SO cool there are not even enough words I can use to explain all of that. From helpless to helpful. In a word, that is RAD (to pull out the old California lingo!)

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