Friday, March 16, 2007

Things I Love...

I just have to say that life is good.

I love my son more then words could ever explain.

I love my husband - he is the calm in the eye of my storm!

I love my doggies. They drive me batty but without their unconditional love, I would be lost. Plus doggy breath is gross and endearing all at once :)

I love my friends and co-workers - without whom I would have no one to laugh and joke with, to lighten up and be happy that today is a good freakin' day.

I love the seasons. I love the warmth and sun of Spring/Summer but I also love a good winter's day just as much.

I love the world that Matthew has created in our home. His toys and little things seem so natural where they are now - I can hardly remember life before Matthew.

I love the ocean, my toes in the sand - I love Santa Cruz - good memories and fun times of yester year.

I love snuggly pajama pants and old t-shirts. Nuff said!

I love that Matthew gives me a kiss and hug before bed and before we leave every day now (and if he does not get them he will say "kisses" to us!)

I love playing with Matthew whether it be running in circles around the coffee table (and falling down, which one must do when running in circles around the table with Matthew) or it is outside going for a walk with him.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Matthew likes to stop and smell the flowers. And his belly laugh - the one that comes only when he is thinks something is so hilarious (like Mommy hitting her head on the table trying to pick up the stray broccoli) or that he is being tickled, having a horsey ride on Dad's shoulders, and playing hide and seek.

I love our new house. I told Kevin that when I am in there it makes me feel so happy!

I love that spring is around the corner so we can get back to the Farmer's market, gardening and enjoying the outdoors.

I love that today is good day and it is only a bad day if I let it be ;)
I know there is more but I need to get back to work.

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