Friday, March 16, 2007


Do not forget - wear green!

If I am not my usual wickedly sarcastic self for about a week or so, there is a reason. I went to lunch with a few co-workers today. I asked if any of them had heard about the minister in MO who started this no complaining thing. As the story goes you cannot complain about anything for 30 days. If you complain, you start over. They even had those plastic bracelets to remind you (think Lance Armstrong.) Well, the four other people I was lunching with said "yes" we do know about that and then we decided to try it. Of course, none of them read this blog because who knows what I might write on here but I feel I need to stay within bounds so I am going to try not complaining here too. This may make for a really BORING blog for a short while but never fear I will not change too much!

Erin Go Braugh (whatever that means!)

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