Friday, March 16, 2007

Is it odd...

that I have to shop for nursery schools already!?!? My son is not even TWO yet...

We could keep him at his current school as it is a center (day care/nursery school). While we like it, see the previous post of issues. However, all the kids seem so happy there, they have nifty activities, most of the kids are so dang smart and it would be worth the money.

Next door to his current school is the Montessori school. I love the idea of this place, but have yet to see it. I had some positive feedback from parents who have sent their kids there. My niece loved the one she went to in CA but I know this type of school is not for all children. I have too much on plate at the moment but once we move I would like to go see it.

Finally, there is a cooperative nursery school run by IU that I would like to visit as well. I wrote the director an e-mail about visiting. It might be more along the lines of what we are looking for judging by what I am reading on their web site but you never know until you are there and I have good recommendations about it as well.

There was one other option but I have been talking to people and fully reviewed their website a few months back and decided it was not the right fit. It was the only place I thought I would send Matthew initially but I realized after some more research it was not the place for us.

I cannot believe that I am writing about or even thinking about this. sigh, where did my baby go?!?!

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