Thursday, March 15, 2007

in laws

Yes, I made that lower case on purpose. SO not only am I stressed about work, Matthew's childcare, moving, selling the "old" house and just general daily life stresses, I have the pleasure of enjoying my father in law for two (OR MORE??!?) whole weeks. He will be here from start of move to finish. YA-FREAKING-HOO. Okay, I seriously like Kevin's dad but for real people that is a long visit... AND I said to Kevin today - do you think that your mom would come down as a "surprise"? He said he would not doubt it.

Oh and it gets better. His dad will leave and then I get his mother for Matthew's birthday for a stinkin' week. After which we get to see his whole family in Winnipeg in September. That makes for a grand total of SIX visits in one year... too much family time... too much family time... head spinning , brain imploding (or exploding mostly because it would be more dramatic and I LOVE drama, y'all. This is me being SARCASTIC...)

Breathing. Calmly. At least in the new house, there will be more places for me to "hide" out (and I will have the jetted tub too - ha, take that family ties!) This is for Matthew. This is for Matthew...


jennifer said...

Preaching to the choir ;) I need a whole website for my complaints!

Welcome to our World said...

Yeah, I hear ya sista. I am just keeping to myself as best I can and I have learned the old smile but do not really listen thing... I figure it will serve me as the parent of teenager one day! LOL!