Sunday, March 18, 2007

The NEW me.

So I have been thinking long and hard this weekend. After several attempts (very MINOR) at trying to lose baby weight I decided to put it in black and white here (so I can be held accountable.) I decided after Matthew was born that I did not want to go out and be all 'celebrity' (ha-ha) and lose that baby weight like . Plus when I did try to lose weight post Matthew my milk supply instantly dipped so I waited. I was actually a really happy woman - I ate what I wanted and did not mind being four sizes bigger then I was pre pregnancy. At his 1st birthday I was like 'yeah I gonna do this' then I realized 'no I am not'. Still nursing, hello milk supply dipping again so I continued to enjoy eating like a little piggy and being larger then usual.

Now as I approach his second birthday and having fully completed the nursing process after 20 months, I am ready to shed the 13 pounds I feel I would need to be back to lose in order to get where I was pre-baby. I figure I can do this by September 2007 because that is about 2 lbs (give or take some) each month. I know I can do this and if anything, I will get rid of the "arms that wave in the wind" and the belly that jiggles like a bowl full of jelly (I am Santa to Matthew but I don't wanna be Santa like that!) I am really happy with my weight loss to date and I am also glad I took my time. I decided early on in the pregnancy phase of things I was going to enjoy the process and be me. BUT now I would like to wear some of the clothes I wore pre-pregnancy OR get over it and get them out of my closet.

That is the goal - if I do not, cannot, will not lose the weight I dumping my closet out and starting over! Sounds like fun, eh? Yeah, Kevin may not want to read this post then! LOL! At any rate, I figure I can easily work out 5-6 times a week at work and one weekend day. Also, with spring/summer coming, I will be able to 'workout' twice a day most days (with walks after work!), I ought to be able to manage this. I walked around a tiny part of the new neighborhood today and it is great! Lots of places to walk including a trail near by and it is so quiet and peaceful there! Also, I believe Kevin & I will be purchasing some workout equipment this summer so that will also help. I AM EXCITED about this (for real!) It will feel good to do it and have a goal in mind (you know either fit into old clothes OR buy new ones!) Now I am being held accountable by you all, so I will try to report in on how things are going. The true test will be during the next few weeks as we move and adjust to the new house.

PS: Matthew cut his FIRST molar! HIP HIP HOORAY. I felt it this morning - jagged little edge jutting out. I wept with joy, only three and half more to go. OMG, and he will be two in one month from tomorrow!!! More on the party plans to follow. The B-day celebration will be held on April 21st so keep your calendars open informally!

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