Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I like this diet!

So yeah you know how I wrote about how I was going to get all healthy and stuff? My big ole gushfest about losing 13 pounds? Right?! Yeah, are you excited yet?!?!? 'Cause yesterday I ate a big fatty Crescent doughnut and a bunch of Oreo cookie ice cream (at 9:00p no less...) Then I got on the scale and I weighed 2 lbs less - WHAT??!?!! Okay, I know how fat works so I am sure I will get on the scale in two days and hate myself for the aforementioned treaties but OMG was yesterday a horrid day of misery for me (tears and sobbing included) so I felt I needed/deserved/wanted with an outlandish desire these treats. Plus it was pretty freaking cool to get on the scale and weigh less then I have in TWO whole years. AND I did not workout like I said I was going too... Gotta love that kinda diet. Give me a big old HELL YEAH!

Today, has been better. I promise and swear. AND I am going to workout shortly. I will probably gain weight. HA. Being healthy sucks.

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