Friday, March 28, 2008

Twenty Something-ISH Photos!!!

I love when I look at the 10 day forecast and the lowest temp for that span is 55. SO whatever if we now live in Monsoon Indiana these days. 64 and pouring rain on Monday I will take over 28 and snow any day of the year most especially Spring time!!!

We had an all day retreat at work today. Generally I find these laborious at best but today's was fun and relaxed. We had it at the Union of our local university. At the end of the day we bowled in the bowling alley at the Union and I forgot how much I LOVE to bowl. Okay and really what is brought back was three long years of bowling and beer at the Westwood Bowling Alley in Marquette MI with my psycho ex - the bowling and the beer then the psycho ex part 'cause well eh I am good at stuffing away bad memories in a, ummm, healthy kind of way, yo! I got pretty good at it (the bowling... okay okay the drinking too...) I did okay for bowling as a preggo lady at 84. Yeah whatevs it has been like a hundred years since I last bowled and I was taking it easy on the poor pregnant bod. It was fun OKAY.

Lastly, here is me at some point after the 20 week mark (ah 'cause if I told you what week you could totally do the math and guess at the due date and I am going to keep y'all guessing little loveys!!!) * Umm yeah totally taken at 7:00a this morning so I do look tired yes - STILL NOT SLEEPING thankyouverymuch. Also, say good-bye to that hair cause next week snippity snip... Yummmm pineapple must go eat, now...)


AndreAnna said...

Yay for jumping on the pregnant hair-chopping bandwagon!

You look great!

jennifer said...

YAY I'm SO happy we are not the only ones who hang the jackets on the banisters like that! I somewhat hate it but cannot pull myself away from doing it...kind of like bowling ;)

melissa said...

You look great! I thought you were going to share 20 photos... :-)

Welcome to our World said...

Andreanna~ YEah we will see if I can bring myself to chopping off the hair. I need to do some soul searching here ;)

Jennifer~ Ohh I hate hanging the coats off the banister but like you I cannot stop doing it. I am too lazy to drag myself or Matthew to the coat closet and I have to admit I would rather they be on the banister then the backs of chairs which is where Kevin used to always hang his (GAH!). Ah sweet bowling!

Melissa~ Ha 20 photos on Blogger. I would be insane right now if I tried posting more then that. I have tried and it was a terrible horrible awful experience!

Jen said...

You look great!!! Such a cute pregnant mama. :)