Monday, March 31, 2008


Okay I swear I did not dress my child like this on purpose. And YES those are some Christmas Pj's because if I pack them away for another Christmas they will be useless and also summer is coming which means summer jammies so he will keep wearing Christmas ones until the summer ones come into vogue.

My son was told to "please go get dressed" this particular morning approximately 3 dozen times. This was during the three weeks of non stop temper tantrums over every little thing. It was, mmm, hellish to say the least. Our response to the situation: we finally broke down and started letting him watch 10 minutes of TV per morning for the soul purpose of getting the boy dressed. Nothing could get him in clothes during these weeks - no amount of threats, cajoling, repetition, "look Mommy and Daddy got dressed ALL by OURSELVES!", nothing.

SO imagine our surprise when our little darling Matthew raced off to his room at top speed to "get dressed" (which just means he would get his own clothes and comes to have us dress him. Ah yeah we can potty train a child and even teach him to talk in full sentences which by NO means do I take full credit for because come on people I have a TON of help on these fronts and thank goodness judging by the things we are left to do for ourselves!)

Any who so this is how my child came back dressed. Why yes those are Cars underwear and indeed they are backwards.

Poor Santana is thinking "oh but what about me?? You used to only take photos of ME back when I was like the only cute one on the block. Meehhh..."

Oh and that is laughter, tears and pride in his father's face.


melissa said...

Ha! He looks quite pleased with himself!

Welcome to our World said...

He was. Needless to say rather then being a good parent and explaining why we do not wear underwear on TOP of clothing I picked up the camera and asked his tearful laughing father to pose with him. Banner day in the old Schmidt house!