Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Let's Make A Deal!

I love getting good deals. I don't try very hard to get them but when I get them it makes me feel so dang good I want to do a good deal dance!

On Friday, we took the day off and unloaded a paycheck at the dang zoo. I am noticing the cost of everything these days. It seems like the zoo cost us more money then it has the past two years which was a little painful AND we did not even pay to get in, Kevin's mom did! ACK.

Any way, I was having issues remembering what day it was. I kept thinking it was Saturday which is a great problem to have when you still have TWO whole days off! We saw a garage sale sign for our neighborhood on the way back from the zoo & I thought 'oh dang we missed it' until we woke up on the REAL Saturday morning. Kevin was making pancakes and said 'hey I think that garage sale is on the next street over.' So I hurriedly dressed and ran out the door.

It was a house that just went up for sale and they have three kids who range in age from 6-10 maybe? I was bummed because I thought I would be too late to get anything good. It was 20 minutes after 8. It turns out that I got there at the perfect time! I bought one of those Little Tyke Coupe cars for $10 and spent $3 more on Little Tyke's Police rocker thing. I was ecstatic!!! Especially when the lady selling the stuff had a friend walk up and say 'OH NO you sold all the coupes?' Apparently there had been three and two were gone so I got the last one. Totally on whim and I am SO glad I did it. I was not going to because I was tired and it was rainy!!!

Can I stop us here to mention that Kelly and I went to the Montessori garage type sale the weekend before and we bought some awesome books there. I think I bought 8 (10?) books total plus a little wooden fire engine and a funky toy for Baby Pancake all for $8.50. The books rocked. If I bought those books at B&N or Borders, they would have probably cost me $50 brand new! I am a total garage sale junkie and I admit it! I digress.

On Sunday, we went to the outlets. I find outlets a bit of scam but shopping in B-town can be brutal so going out there is generally worth it especially for kid's shoes. We bought a bunch of stuff but the best deals came at the end of our visit. We went to Carter's to get Matthew some summer PJs. Thank goodness for Kevin. He walked up to this pathetic looking rack with two jackets hanging from it. They were cool looking Fireman type jackets - sort of Fall/Spring type jackets which I passed right by because they looked huge and I thought too expensive. Turns out they were priced at $3.99! We bought one in a size 6! Totally rocks. And all of Matthew's PJs were 50% off! ROCK ON!

Finally, I bought a cute PJ set for myself for the hospital from Motherhood Maternity. I do not think I got a deal but I am excited to have it in my hot little hands!

I totally need to go through Matthew's summer clothing again. I kept some stuff from last year in hopes that it will fit him but it is all 2T and we have basically been buying all 4T stuff lately. I think my hopes may be dashed shortly. At the outlets, we mostly went to get him summer shoes (Crocs and a pair of tennis shoes that look like sandals from Stride Rite - we did not pay that price. The Crocs were $19.99 and the Stride Rite shoes were $25) and the PJs. Then I got home and as usual I thought I should done some clothing shopping for him there. If I get rid of the 2T stuff, he needs some more shirts and perhaps a couple more shorts... Oh well, Old Navy here we come!


AndreAnna said...

Old Navy is having their save N stuff sale! I stuffed that puppy full of baby clothes and flip flops.

melissa said...

I LOVE finding good deals! I bought Cam some shirts in 3T size from Target last week because they were $1.99! Yeah, he's only 6 months old but he'll grow! I'm going to have to check out the Old Navy sale! Children's Place is good for sale stuff too. I got Cam a bunch of 18 month stuff for fall/winter and even got Lily some 4T jeans for less than $5 each!

Pickles & Dimes said...

Garage sales and thrift stores are the best! I love finding cool stuff at cheap prices. Great job on the deals!

LoriD said...

I love a good deal too. I'd be surprised if Little Tykes makes those little coupes anymore - everyone I know has one and every one was purchased at a garage sale!

K and J's mom said...

I, too, love to find a good bargain! I have begun buying clothing way too big for my kids b/c they are on sale. "They'll get there eventually clothes" - I call them. Cute pjs!