Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Special guest writer

Today my sports illustrated came!! It was the special NFL draft edition. Can't wait for Saturday, although Miami took a lot of suspense out of it by already signing their first round pick that they havn't made yet... I thought that I had missed the draft... NHL playoffs are on, but if you're in southern Indiana you'd never know that the second round begins tomorrow... I don't think sports illustrated does an NHL draft preview. The Blue Jays stink, but as Canada's only baseball team, they remain my favorite.

Turns out that Matthew is a lefty... I taught him the proper baseball swing yesterday. He then promptly turns and swings the wrong way. Sadly enough, he seems to have lost his interest in picking up dog poo. I think I can make him a running back. He's got the legs for that.

By the way, this is Kevin.

Happy blogging everyone!


K and J's mom said...

LOL...that was funny, Kevin! I was thinking "Wow...C is really into football. I didn't know!" Happy reading SI!

LoriD said...

Hee. Lost interest in dog poo, eh? It was bound to happen sooner or later. The Blue Jays have sucked since the '94 strike. Since the end of the Joe Carter era, they have never been the same. And yet, they remain my team. Canadians are a sad lot.

Welcome to our World said...

Hey I like football a lot but not enough to follow the draft... like some people ;) I like to be surprised!

Also, it is not entirely true that Matthew has lost interest in poop. He still likes to find poop but mostly because he steps in it or it is in the area he is playing as in 'Mommy here is a poop by my pool.' Follow by a loudly chanted: POOP POOP POOP, QUICK POOP. Between that and my son peeing naked in the yard - OY no wonder the neighbors stay away from us ;)