Friday, April 25, 2008

Random Musings

DISCLAIMER ALERT: I do comment about LOST & Survivor in this post so if you did not watch it and plan to watch it at a later date you may not want to read this. There are only a few details and I do not think I give away too much but still...

TWENTY SIX WEEKS! OMG, okay I totally know it happened and when but wow. When Liz, the midwife, said the number of weeks on Wednesday morning I kind of took a deeper breath and swallowed a lump in my throat. The crazier part of this - last week and into the weekend I felt like h-e-double hockey sticks. I thought my pelvis was going to crack in two, I could hardly walk. If I stood and walked a lot the ligaments in my lower right abdomen (mostly) screamed at me to STOP. I was alternately swollen and hot even in the 50 degree weather on Saturday. I was exhausted and could hardly move around while lying in bed. However, suddenly, the past few days I have felt awesome. I jogged on the tread mill. Twice this week! For 20 minutes! Last week I tried and was almost sobbing after a minute. I know the pain & swelling is not gone for good but it feels great to have a reprieve from it for a few days!

Nothing exciting to report after the appointment. Miss Pancake (if you will ;) was rockin' the perfect heart beat while punching/kicking at the monitor the whole time. I asked about the due date and Liz said they did adjust it slightly from the ultrasound with that whole +/- a week thing. Given my past pregnancy I will probably be late and should think about inducing sooner then last time if I ended up being later then a week or so. We shall see... I get to do the glucose test in two weeks - YEAH! Trying to be positive here, people!

(no segue way here...)

Aren't you glad it is Friday? I sure am! It has been a lovely week in B-town. Sunshine and warm temps. A bit of rain but we are back at it this morning with more of the sun and warmer temps. Gotta love that.

By the way, have I mentioned recently that we still have no name for this child? Is she doomed to be call Baby Girl or Miss Pancake the rest of her life? I suppose there are worse names right? I have this feeling we will end up with a top five name again just because those are the names we like and we cannot seem to come to a decision on other names. I am sure it will be just a dandy name no matter what we decide or at least that I is what I keep telling myself! A report on NPR said that what you name your child can directly result in his/her success in life... NO pressure right?! Weeee...

Did I mention I had a dream that Arnold Schwarzenegger helped to birth not only my child but Kelly's baby too? And it was not like the Governator Arnold who helped but old school ARRR-nold who did it? Except he was not wearing camo and holding guns but he was wearing a suit and tie... He was just talking like Arnold from the movies... Hey at least I had a good chuckle in the morning. My dreams with Matthew were mostly dark brooding things that I would have been embarrassed to write about!? So Kelly, if you see a large Austrian man wandering around at any point during your pregnancy - WATCH OUT, your baby is on the way!!

Did you like the guest writer? He got a bee in his bonnet the other night and then he could not stop. He kept saying I should blog about this or that the WHOLE night.

I really suck at posting photos. I also meant to write a blog on Matthew's birthday and show past photos from his 1st & 2nd birthday. But I ran out of time and energy. Theme of my life at the moment. Well I had enough energy to eat dessert every night this week. OH speaking of that, I looked back and I actually lost a pound at this last appointment?! Weird! I think I was just really blotted last time and I had on huge heavy shoes because it was still cool outside so I think that is where the lose occurred. Not so much that my actual weight is decreasing.

SO did anyone else watch Lost last night? I was actually underwhelmed for once. I was like how on earth did Sawyer escape the bullets (by hiding behind a picnic table no less) when the dudes with guns managed to shoot three other people dead on? And the whole Morse code thing? Just not that thrilled by it. I hope it gets better. Even Survivor kind of bored me last night. What is with these people? Use the idols! What the heck?

Any who, before I bore you all to tears (even though I can think of 900 other stupid things to share) I will go. Have a sunny and (hopefully) warm weekend!


AndreAnna said...

I hadn't watched Lost yet, but now I guess I don't need to. LOL.

I know what you mean about good days and bad days. Some days I can barely walk without being in pain and feeling like I'm being pulled apart. And other days I feel human. Pregnancy is so weird.

Jen said...

Can you tell us what names you are considering for baby pancake, or is it a secret? :)

Welcome to our World said...

Andreanna, AH SORRY (about LOST!) ACK. I forget people have TIVO, etc... and I mostly have to watch in real time OR on the internet. We are SO 2000 ;) Pregnancy is weird, esp when people tell you to enjoy it. Umm I wonder do these people remember what it felt like to have their pelvis crack in half?!?!?

Names are a secret! Gotta have at least one secret ;) BUT if I gave a list it would be long almost schizophrenic list... There is absolutely no rhyme nor reason to it...

melissa said...

I love every second of LOST no matter what! I'm starting to lose interest in Gray's Anatomy though. It might get the boot soon since we have 5 hours of TV we want to watch on Thursday nights and it takes some tricky Tivo-ing to get everything taped for later viewing.

Hooray for feeling good lately!

Eek! I hope Arnold doesn't deliver your baby! I mean, if he's the only one there I guess it's better than no one but SCARY!

Welcome to our World said...

Melissa~ Is that not the oddest thing to dream about? I mean come on? I have not even watch an Arnold movie lately and it was seriously the first thing I said when I woke up - 'Guess what Kev? Arnold delivered my baby. OH and Kelly's too.' It was very perplexing. Why can't I dream about Matt Damon or some other Hollywood heart throb? ARNOLD?!

I still love Lost but I seriously found myself looking at magazine while it was on rather then focusing on the show like normal. HOWEVER, I have been a crappy mood in the evenings so maybe that is why.

I never got into the Grey's Anatomy thing. I am a tried and true ER fan since day 1 with George and the balding dude and OH how I love me some ER! However I do love Thursday TV and I wished they moved some of it to Tuesday because that day is like a black hole of nothingness and I am forced to read, GAH the inhumanity!

Jen said...

I understand! We kept ours a secret too. Then it can be like the "grand reveal!" once she arrives. ;)

Has the nursery bedding arrived yet? I can't wait to see pictures! I saw that a little bird nest with birds that you can hang from the ceiling is part of that "set". So adorable!

Welcome to our World said...

yeah I wimped out and did not buy the birds. I was worried the bedding would not come since it was all back ordered BUT it all came (almost immediately AFTER I called to ask about it, go figure!) I do want to get the birds for the ceiling - we shall see!

BTW, open to name suggestions!