Friday, April 11, 2008

A Moment To Reflect

I want to remember some things about this pregnancy:

How it feels to have baby hiccups bumping away inside my abdomen (especially when I am on the phone at work...)

That crazy zinging movement this baby does when she moves around. It is like she is doing cartwheels in there and some times she like to use my bladder as a trampoline.

She moves the most during the morning hours and in the evening late into the night. She is fairly gentle compared to Matthew. I never wake up from her kicks and punches but if I do wake up in the night I notice she is going non stop!

She loves to bounce around the minute I hit the shower. She has that in common with Matthew. He loved doing that as well!

I have had my first round of massive swelling complete with cankles - this seems to have a direct correlation to the rise in the temperature. I could not cool off to save my life for two days in a row. I slept with no covers and the ceiling fan on. And I will stand at the sink at work for 10 minutes running cool water over my hands which actually helps.

In addition to the swelling & heat, I had my very first lovely leg cramp at 4:45a this morning! I scared the crap out of the dogs and then I had to pee. Go figure. I am limping now. It was a good one!

Matthew has taken to putting his hand on my belly and waiting to feel his baby sister move without my prompting or assistance.

He also sings the ABC song to her, kisses her and likes to lay his head on my belly.

Yesterday he checked for windows on my belly to see inside. This came from the book we have been reading called something like there is a House Inside My Mommy's Belly (which I cannot find on so I am either way off on the title or it is out of print...)

I feel huge right now and I am trying to imagine what I will feel like in three months... it is hard to imagine!

We STILL have not picked a name for Miss Princess Pancake which might end up being the best option...

When I went to acupuncture the other day, I watched my tummy the full 15 minutes I had treatment and I could see what I imagined were hands, elbows and feet poking out all over the place - I never remember watching my belly move like that with Matthew. It was very peaceful and relaxing!

My heart is bursting with pride over Matthew and how well he seems to be doing with understanding the concept of Baby Pancake every day. He called the baby a "he" the other day and I said 'are you sure the baby is a he?' and he said "NO she is my baby sister" with such pride on this face! Made my heart melt!

Speaking of melting, I cannot eat ice cream at all but apparently DQ is not real ice cream and I can eat that without getting sick. GO FIGURE. In the same vein, I now crave sugar whereas during the 1st trimester I only craved salt.

I started working out again this week and discovered that I feel as if my pelvis cracked in half and I cannot run any more. SO I am walking. fast (or as fast as a largely pregnant woman can walk which is to say that an old man with a cane and bad hips would surely lap me in a race but whatever!) And lifted weights. Two times this week. It's a start.

We have, Molly, the Douala all lined up to assist with the birth!!! I am so excited about this. We debated not having her this time but it gives me a sense of calm to know she will there so that is nice!

We are on the list to take the refresher course on having a baby. I suspect I will not learn a thing because from my experience birth is unpredictable but apparently they do a nice section for siblings.

I need to buy ten million thing and obsessively look at my list of things I need yet still have not bought anything that we actually need... Oy.

I am happy today. It is supposed to get cold this weekend but for now it is warm, sunny, the flowers and trees are in full bloom and I know that soon enough it will fully be spring time. Have a happy weekend!


AndreAnna said...

You know I am right there with you on a lot of these things. I am in a better mood today as well. Love the nice weather!

Pickles & Dimes said...

So exciting! I can't imagine how cool it is to feel your baby moving inside of you.

melissa said...

I LOVED watching both of my kids move around in my belly! When they would really get going I would just sit back at my desk and watch for a few minutes! Maybe it's something about boys because Lily's movements seemed much gentler than Cam's. That boy took my breath away and stopped me in my tracks so many times while I was pregnant!

Mandy said...

oh geez, I FORGOT about the leg cramps .. ugh .. but sounds like its a special time for matthew... what a neat way to experience pregnancy--thru your older kid(s) eyes!!