Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Baby is Due... some time?

SO I just realized that other women whom I thought were due around the same time as me have had their glucose test and are beginning their two week a month appointments. While I have not done the test nor has it been mentioned that I should start the 2 week appts.

I know from the ultra sound that we were TWO freaking weeks off the original due date. As in earlier then we thought on the week so if I am writing this properly Miss Pancake is due two weeks later then we initially thought.

Here's the deal - my Midwife told me at the appointment right before the ultrasound that "I had to have the baby in July because she had a lot of births for August and she was booked." I told her at the point that I felt like I would probably induce if we went past a week late but now I am reneging on that offer. I do not want to induce unless there is something going wrong with the pregnancy.

Part of the reason for my take back on the inducing thing is that despite the fact that the baby measured 18 weeks old rather then 20 weeks old for the ultrasound, Liz, the midwife, never blinked and did not change the due date. Does that make sense to anyone? Especially since we had no clue when we actually conceived? We guessed at the date we thought I stopped having my period and had no idea going in to the 1st prenatal appointment. How responsible of us, huh?

I decided over the weekend that I am going to ask Liz about this at the visit next week. I just think it is crappy to assume that I am due at the end of July because Liz seems to want to have that time frame happen then walk around feeling horrible about being two weeks late when really Pancake is on time if she comes in the middle of August, you know?!

Maybe I am rambling about nothingness here. I will update next week after the appointment. It is not like it changes things THAT much but enough to make me wonder if she is just predicting the July due date so after one week she can say 'oh you want to be induced you are a week late and I have a crap load of babies due in August so you BETTER induce.' Which I do not want. Tea leave people, this due date stuff is like reading tea leaves, I swear!

I think... I think I am over thinking this. Weee... nothing like a hormonal pregnant woman gloaming on to some obscure fact and rehashing it in depth for the Internet to read! Fun times, people, fun times!


Jen said...

Maybe you will measure differently as you go along and get closer to the date? My friend is pregnant and up until a few days ago she was measuring FOUR weeks ahead. Now suddenly she's measuring only two weeks ahead- something about how the baby was positioned.

Welcome to our World said...

I have thought of that as well... Matthew was so huge from the get go and again logically I know that no two pregnancies are a like really so I cannot assume Pancake will be that big. I will ask Liz a bit more this visit to find out what the deal is just so I can stop rambling about things! LOL!

AndreAnna said...

Each time I've had an ultrasound, it has measured EXACTLY the same. Like, eerily the same. July 23rd every single time

Which is also the exact date predicted from my LMP, which I knew since we knew we were trying.

I'm 26 weeks now, and 24 weeks was the lat of the monthly appointments. The GTT should be done between 25 and 28 weeks. I just went last wee at 25 weeks because I had a free morning. So, no worries. You have time!!

melissa said...

The due dates were never changed for either of my kids even though they both measured about a week or so bigger than their actual 'age' at the mid-way ultrasound. Definitely ask her about it. I would probably not want to induce either. Does your midwife stay with you during the entire labor? I ask because with both kids the doctor was there to check on me a couple of times and then for about 30 - 60 minutes when the baby actually came. So, it's not like she was 'committed' to my bedside during the entire thing. But maybe with the midwife she can only commit to so many mothers since she spends more time with them?

Welcome to our World said...

Melissa~ No, the midwife is in the room about as much as the docs from that practice. She spent a lot of time with me however because the birth ended up being a bit more "involved" then we ever imagined.

However, I think (total guess)that because she is a midwife she can only commit to so many births/patients at any given time but I do not think a physician is any different and if there were too many births they would have to call their colleagues in to help.

I think Liz would need to call in my primary OB Lisa if she had too much going on and I would be in line depending on when I am admitted if that makes sense?! I do not know & I just need to ask to be done with it! LOL!