Saturday, May 3, 2008

The 3rd Annual Birthday at the Zoo

There photos are from our 3rd annual trip to the zoo for Matthew's birthday the day before his birthday (April 18th.) The penguin shot - omg those two penguins cracked me up. I swear it was like a Soprano's scene and the hairy one was the head mafia dude! The lion sat up and looked around right when we walked up. This was the most amazing day at the zoo we have ever had. All the animals were up and running and amazing to watch. The giraffes were running, one elephant gave this amazing show in the water giving herself a bath and shot water up in the air, and the lion was actually up and looking right at my camera! Unfortunately as always we took lots of animal shots but not many of us and Matthew. Also, K's mom was there and there are more shots of her and Matthew then the three of us. As usual I forgot to ask her to take a shot of the three (four!) of us. SO BUMMED ABOUT THIS.

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