Saturday, May 3, 2008

A 3rd Birthday: Pirates & Princess

Birthday Shots! Yes, his birthday was like two weeks ago... I admit I stink with uploading photos and then using them but ah here and ENJOY!?!?

Just like every year I am like 'huh, why didn't we take this or that photo' and I was pretty bummed by the pictures that were taken yet again this year. Mainly that there were hardly any of Matthew and most were of him looking down or away. BUT I know that is not a huge deal. He had a blast, we had a great time and hopefully all of our friends had fun as well!! As you can see from the last shot which was after everyone went home Matthew was still having a ball hours later! The theme was pirates and princesses! It was the first time in the WHOLE three years (because Kevin and I kept saying has it only been three years since he was born and what the heck did we do exactly with ourselves prior to Matthew coming into our world!?) that we had to keep the party indoors as it was cool and damp outside. This did not dampen the spirit of the event and as Nicki said 'it is like the kick off to the birthday season!' HAPPY BELATED 3rd BIRTHDAY, peanut!


Pickles & Dimes said...

Such cute photos! I love the one of him in front of the cake. And the last one - hee!

melissa said...

I think those are great pictures! I love the one of him blowing out the candles!