Tuesday, May 20, 2008

30 WEEKS and counting!

THIRTY weeks. 30 weeks. WOW! How times flies!!! That is amazing to me. I have felt (I will regret writing this I am sure) pretty good the past few days. When I say that I have had some strong contractions especially yesterday. If I sat perfectly still the contractions would subside which is just dandy but that also meant I was planting my butt in my chair at work for nine hours straight without taking lunch, only to get up and take the well worn path from my desk to the kitchen for food which is a non stop feast in my case! This cannot be healthy.

Can it be that in 8-ISH short weeks I will be having a new baby to hold, love and cuddle?!?! AMAZING! I will post pregnancy photos of me from yesterday as well as shots of the Pancake's room tonight.

I have been trying to think and plan for what I will need for the hospital and after. I know I cannot think of everything but I would like to remember the things that were great to have that I did not know about the first time.

I was laughing heartily over the weekend at how wonderful Kevin was in those early days after Matthew arrived. He ran out and bought me Depends (birth is SO sexy...), monstrous pads and stool softener - that is TMI TOTALLY! Now that is LOVE. I have a list but I keep thinking of new things like those flat little cotton pads. Those are great for everything after a baby comes. Matthew had a rash early on and we would get those wet and use them as wipes rather then regular store bought wipes and the rash went away almost immediately! I definitely need more of those!

My office decided to throw us a shower which happens tomorrow then we will need to decide on what we really need beyond that. Three of the biggies are a bouncer, a couple of slings and a new baby monitor.

I have yet to commit to slings. I looked once and never did buy any. I need to unearth emails from Melissa about the ones she liked the most.

Additionally I am still grappling with whether I want to use cloth or disposable diapers. The same place I would like buy slings has the best selection of covers and diapers in town that I have ever seen which would make is easier to buy these things locally versus the first time when I would have had to buy most everything online. I am thinking we may try a combo thing.

Oh and ha we still need to do something about daycare for Pancake... Both Kevin and I keep putting it off which is just tragic.

Anything you can think of that I/we might need?


LoriD said...

32 weeks sounds like so far along, but 56 days still seems long!

If you want to try cloth (it's easy!) but you're not sure, buy a few of the diapers and covers and do a combo - cloth in the day, disposable at night and when you go out.

I looked into slings when I was pregnant with Maggie, but ultimately stuck with my Baby Bjorn.

Welcome to our World said...

I like the cloth/disposable combo I think. I tried with Matthew but not very hard. I have to admit I was more overwhelmed then I thought I would be and throwing away diapers seemed easier then trying to figure out cloth diapers. With this store having such a good selection and knowledge I am thinking about trying it out. We shall see!

I never even used our Baby Bjorn. It scared me so I want to try that along with 1-2 slings. I figure I will need my hands more this time then last time!

56 days does sound longer doesn't it!??!

melissa said...

We had to have my parents bring the swaddling blanket and Boppy to the hospital when Cam was born. Other than that the only thing I wished I had more of was FOOD with both kids! FYI...the hospital cafeteria has kettle chips that are TO DIE FOR! I crunched on those in the middle of the night while nursing Cam. One of my favorite memories of his first day!

AndreAnna said...

I HATED the baby bjorn. It was so firm and rough. Get the Ultimate Baby Wrap. It was a godsend. I promise you will love it.

Jen said...

I agree with another poster- the boppy is handy to have while in the hospital. Did you find some cute pjs to wear too?