Monday, May 19, 2008

Deadpan Discipline

I like it far more when my child makes me laugh then when he does not. Oh I know this is a novel concept. Like there are people out there who are saying "oh gee I love to discipline my child 24/7" but you never know. Maybe they come from a particularly militant family and discipline is a way of showing love, yada yada yada... I actually do think discipline is a form of love but okay whatever, no point here.

My son cracks me up. Seriously, this weekend Kevin was disciplining Matthew for what seemed the 50th time (Kevin he pulled out a 'Matthew you listen to your mother!' Heh!) My energy level is so low that I just say 'no' 20 times, sigh exasperatingly at him and let it go even though I know he did not learn a damn thing and I likely wasted my breath but hey, I said 'NO' at least. Come ON that counts for something, right!?

Last evening we were getting Matthew ready for bed and Kevin said he would not read Matthew a story if he did not come inside and Matthew chose to NOT come inside so Kevin had to physically pick up and bring him in. They were in the bathroom brushing teeth & putting pj's on. Kevin was basically giving Matthew the run down on why he needed to listen. I was standing the door way doing what I do best lately, watching and leaning my immense girth on the door frame (ahhhh...) Matthew looked at me in the mirror and started making faces at me and giggling uncontrollably. I was trying with all my might to be serious because Daddy was telling him serious stuff BUT for the life me I could NOT do it. I just laughed and had to hide my smile with my shoulders shaking. Matthew TOTALLY knew I was laughing and I knew he had entirely tuned his father's lecture out...

Wow, if that is not a parenting moment to be proud of I do not know what is?!!! Go Mom on being serious and backing up Dad on the rules. Whatever if you could have seen his little face you would have laughed too!


melissa said...

Ha! Lily said "dammit" at Target yesterday and I had to walk to the end of the aisle while Jason talked to her about it since I couldn't stifle my laughter!

Welcome to our World said...

Hehe! How horrible is that!? Why can't I keep a straight face because it is really funny, I mean REALLY funny! Ah, dads... they are good eggs most of the time, huh!?

Too bad I missed you guys at Target! I was there early! Spent probably three times as much as I intended... Oops!