Thursday, May 15, 2008

Five for Friday: Pregnancy Edition

Five Pregnancy Questions:

Do you think one's bladder is really a good trampoline for a 3-4 lb fetus? OUCH.

How come I feel larger then a giant panda lumbering about but when I look in the mirror I am like HEY I am not THAT big!?

Very morning I am compelled to take a photo of my growing self and I forget... are they sure pregnant women only lose 15% of their memory? I feel sure someone is wrong here (come to think of it is, is it 15% or 50%?!)

How come I get the worst hang nails when I am pregnant (and only when I am pregnant)?

Why after 8 years together does my husband's driving still make me nervous and also slightly sick EVERY SINGLE TIME?


LoriD said...

I don't know the answer to ANY of your questions! My husband's driving make me nervous too.

Have a great weekend!

Welcome to our World said...

Heh, mostly rhetorical questions. The driving thing drives me batty! And the hang nails... that is just weird! :) Have a nice weekend as well!

jennifer said...

I really think it's funny that in your 'question' about memory lose, you cannot remember if it's 15% or 50% ;) My husband claims it's the car that makes everyone sick/nervous - it's not; he cannot drive stick in traffic.

Welcome to our World said...

Ha the car's fault. With the new car, he has claimed that as well. He says it needs to be broken in... ah by running over curb ever made??? BOYS!