Friday, May 2, 2008

Grab Bag of Moments

I promise to be positive and happy today. No more death. No more tears. Well maybe a few tears but not from me and not in a tear jerker sort of way.

Matthew had impetigo which was "downgraded" (hardy har har) to a stomach virus coupled with his proclivity to get cold sores. He has the, ah, well he is not feeling well and he is not throwing up so you can draw your own conclusions. Needless to say that while he may not be vomiting what is coming out is just as messy, smelly and yucky as throw up... Oh the fun we have in our Technicolored world! The worst incident was during nap when he was rudely torn from his sleep because of this issue. He sobbed and threw a fit. He did not want to get in tub and be washed. I had to force him in there, scrub him down, dry him off and give him to Daddy to console while I "swabbed the decks". And do 40 loads of laundry. Poor kid.

We feel horrible for him and he is being very patient with the issue. He says 'OH my tummy hurts' and then you run with him to the toilet. AND he has not complained that he has had to essentially revert to a diapered state by wearing pull ups 24/7. His lips with the nasty sores are looking 100 million times better so that is lovely. Mostly it is the whiny voice that drives Kevin & I up the wall. I am amazed at the level he can get his voice to. The bright side is that I know once he is feeling better the whiny voice mostly goes with the sickness.

When we went to the outlet mall a couple of weeks ago I was amazed by something. Well three somethings. First, Matthew's shoe size is a freaking 9-1/2. I crapped my pants. I mean seriously... I remember back in the day like what seems like last month when I was buying size 4 and 5!?!?? EKK. Second, Matthew is wearing 5T clothing in somethings. I am still trying to schmuck him in 3T stuff that ran big but man it looks funny on him. Just too small. 4T and 5T - again when the heck did that happen?!?! OH and he is flippin' 38 pounds even with the stomach virus! Finally, as I was wandering the Carter's store it dawned on me that in a year or two I would no longer be going there for Matthew's clothes. They only go to 6 or 7 in some cases but mostly they do have not have much in that regard. Same goes for Gymboree which I was also shopping in this past weekend. No more kiddie stores when it come to Matthew!?

This seems shocking to me in the sense that I seriously stopped growing in 5th grade. I have a hand print I did at camp in 5th grade and my hand is still the same size. I had to shop at and wear Stride Rite shoes until 8th grade. I managed to eek out an extra 1/2 size from 5 to 5-1/2 finally. I literally wore Keds until 10-11th grade for the most part because they were the only shoes that fit. I swear he will be wearing bigger shoes then me by the time he hits 1st grade! Which is totally cool and amazing and crap he is such a big boy is what I am trying to say. I cannot even say MY TODDLER any more because he is not, has not been for a long time. He is a little big boy and that is great and scary all at once!

Okay if you do not live in my town, we had the biggest crash of thunder at some point after 4am last night that I think Kevin likely still has nail marks in his arm! I thought about checking to see if our fence was still there! LOUD. And Matthew slept through it!? BUT he will wake up if the truck starts up next door...

Finally, I am on my own this weekend with Matthew. Kevin is going away to see his sister graduate (FINALLY) with one of 10 degrees. She still has no job but hey she is super dooper well educated and could do anything that is required of someone with 2 (3?) advanced degrees that are very narrow and specific in scope.

I am just glad to be staying home. Flying at this stage of the pregnancy seems like a horrible idea more because good lord I so do not want to fit my butt into that seat. But really I had a bad day yesterday. I was uncomfortable all over, could hardly walk, headachy, my skin hurt for goodness sake and I just wanted to sleep. I feel much better today but boy yesterday was rough. Staying home even with a not so well child seems like a better option any day then flying to MN.

Though I was so fired up for a co-worker's Derby party tomorrow but it looks like it may not happen with Matthew being sick. We shall see... Anyway this is long winded as usual. Have a lovely weekend - stay healthy!

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Shades of Gray said...

Poor Matthew! Hope he feels better soon.

My kid also slept right through the thunder last night, though he did talk about it when he woke up this morning. ;)