Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Room of Her Own

We sort of went with a theme but not. I did the same with Matthew's room - I wanted to use some things I had in my room when I was a baby/little girl. I love the color! It makes me happy the same way walking in Matthew's room made me happy when he was a baby! The change table, rocking chair and crib were all in Matthew's room when he was a wee tot. Enjoy!

Pancake's Closet - well stocked thanks to the Myers!

The Crib area - the hanging birds we bought at Pottery Barn over the weekend and funky farm animals prints we got at Michael's. Those prints are a cow and duck - the only reason we decided on these prints - the colors matched, sort of.

More Crib shots - this photo has the best redition of the color on the walls

The rocking chair, change table and assorted pictures (you cannot really see them but we bought the little bird pictures at Pottery Barn over the weekend plus a Hummel print circa 1938 - I had it in my room when I was a little girl!)

We still need some shelves for the wall above the change table but we are mostly done. I will take more photos when we finally finish the room.


melissa said...

Love it! You definitely look ready now! I'm dripping with envy over the closet storage system!

Welcome to our World said...

Kevin installed those last fall. They were fairly easy to install (ha what am I talking about I did nothing but hide in the other room in front of the TV?!?!) He bought them at Lowe's I think? I was a little unsure about them at first but I LOVE them now. They look and work better then I thought they would. Now we just need to do our closet since the kid's rooms are all set!

AndreAnna said...

VERY cute! My poor son will be in our room for months because I don't want him waking his sister just yet!

LoriD said...

The green is gorgeous! We painted the nursery a nice French Blue when I was pregnant with my first. Each new baby just moved into the nursery and the "big" kids moved to their own rooms. We kind of suck that way. Now that the baby is 2, we'll have to convert the nursery into a big kid room - no more rooms to move her into!

Welcome to our World said...

Andreanna~ We have a bassinet with this baby but with Matthew we did not and he went right to his crib (which I swear led to sleep issues!) That sucked. I am glad her room is done so I do not need to worry about it but I am hoping this baby will stay with us for a while anyway!

LoriD~ We just moved last year so we have the luxury of a barely lived in two year old house and unpainted walls. We choose this color because we did not want to paint for a long long time and this is supposedly the last baby for us!

The two rooms are side by side (not much difference between the two rooms other then Matthew oddly has more closet space then the little girl will... Oops!) I actually would have preferred to have Matthew in her room now and she would go in his room but his room is a beautiful blue that we just painted a year ago and there was no way we were going to redo the paint!

Welcome to our World said...
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Mandy said...

its looks so nice a peaceful and calm in that room, so welcoming and warm -- I really like it:)

Jen said...

So cute! I love the color you chose! Baby pancake will love her room. :)