Thursday, May 22, 2008

Little White Lies

SOOO I am on pregnancy (like on crack but pregnancy... ah yeah bad joke... sigh. I am tired and have a massive headache.) I was wrong OH SO wrong. I am only 30 weeks along. I do not know why I had 32 weeks stuck in my head. Like I am trying to rush this process?! I am not. Yeah so I am 30 weeks pregnant *for the record*. Me smart, can do math.

At the appointment this week nothing very exciting happened. The past few appointments I was lucky and had the 1st one of the day at 8:30a. This time it was at 9:00a and I did not see Liz until closer to 10:00a. At least she apologized.

Anyway, Pancake's heart rate is normally 130 during previous appointments but it was 160 this time - she was doing some wild acrobatics before, during and after the appointment.

I gained a few pounds which I am not surprised about. I have been eating nothing but sweets. I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies on Tuesday night and polished off a huge chunk of them as they came out of the oven & also ate these same cookies for lunch the next day, yumyumyum...

I am SO tired I want to cry. SO I have not been doing any kind of exercise the past two weeks. SO the weight gain it not a huge surprise.

I am measuring at 32 cm (I think that is right, I was reading upside with a headache!)(does that sound right??? OMG I am 30 weeks pregnant, not 32!), normal and shocking as this may be but my iron was low. I am taking the iron pills religiously along with my prenatals so it should be up in a reasonable range by the time I need it to be in the right range (whatever the hell that means...) Stinky anemia - the bane to my existence!

Otherwise, I waited an hour to spend approximately 2.5 minutes in the room with the midwife. I guess as far as pregnancy goes that is not a bad thing, right?! Next visit I get to see a real live certified M.D. - whoo hoo! I expect to wait even longer to see those hooligans... I remember these appointments from the 1st time - they were even faster then this past visit with Liz. When I saw Dr. Lisa and Dr. male physician whose name I can never remember I swear they were lubing up the Doppler as they walked into the room and they were talking before they even knocked!

The kooky part of seeing the docs is that after that I start my weekly appointments which means OMG I will be having a baby any. day. NOW!!! WEEE...

The folks from my work threw Kevin and I a little shower this week! It was so nice. I did not expect to get much stuff - I told my boss when she asked me about throwing a party that I would love to have a celebration but gifts were not necessary. Of course they did not listen. I failed to take many good photos but the food was fabulous with yummy homemade dips, salads, and catered wraps and mini sandwiches! Plus a home made "pancake dessert" and fun pancake making kits for everyone to take home.

They were wonderful and we got this jog stroller (sort of - I think we got the 2007 model?) and this bassinet from everyone in the office. There were also gifts from the ladies. Clothing, blankies, those cute Trumpet socks, a pair of socks that look like Pumas in pink, and assorted bibs and other items.

It was just a beautiful, sunny evening and it was nice to socialize with people I adore outside of our office! On top of that my boss has the most home in this beautiful park like setting which made the evening all that much more amazing!


LoriD said...

Great gifts! You'll love the jogging stroller. I have a different make/model, but it was so great for both running and for regular walks on rough terrain (like snow, grass, trails, etc.)

Welcome to our World said...

Ohhh to know about that brand. I looked and looked at different ones and that one had the best ratings consistently. Matthew went for ride in it with Kevin last night and it worked well besides the fact that my husband is a crazy driver and tried to spill our child over the side! I was unsure about the whole jog stroller thing but I decided I need to figure SOME way to get back in shape sooner then I did last time whatever time of year it might be and so this was the best option! Thanks for head's up!!