Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Three Day Weekends EVERY WEEKEND!

Wow, what a weekend! We did not do much which felt great, for me.

I have been experiencing terrible headaches almost every morning - I think this comes from sleeping in a funny position to compensate for the growing belly and this weekend was horrible for back pain. That whole sciatic nerve thing. I would do one little thing like bend over to clean a toilet and sure enough I was down for the count. I was stumbling around like Lurch from the Adam's Family. It would come and go which is a good thing but the day it hurt the least was Monday and that is because I sat, A LOT. I just refused to get up to do anything which sucks when your 3 year old is calling 'Mommy mommy come run with me." But whatever soon enough I will be able to run with my boy again and it will ALL good!

I needed to get some cleaning done. Our house is a mess. I have not cleaned since Matthew's birthday party weekend April 19th and things are getting out of control (no, no still no cleaning service hired as of yet...) I did get somethings done. Like clean our bathroom (mostly) and vacuumed (mostly.)

I also cleaned all of the baby gear. I was woefully remiss at how we tossed each item into our old and new garage after Matthew was done with it. Like the high chair for instance! At one point, we decided we were only going to have one child so as we finished with an item like the high chair we just stuck it in a pile in the garage. No pomp, no circumstance, no plastic bags, nothing. Just left it to the elements. Which in our old garage, GROOOOSSS. The highchair was not only buggy but also did we bother to clean it one last time before tossing it out there?! Umm, NO. Yeah nothing like cleaning two year old stuck on food. I also washed all of the covers to everything I could find from the car seat to the Jumparoo. We loaned a couple of things to another couple at one point and I realized how little care was taken of the items. I had to clean up crusted milk from another kid so that was kind UGH. Mostly things were just dusty and dirty.

Saturday, we were visited one of those huge all neighborhood garage sales. We bought a Little People train set for Matthew for a $1! It is regularly $15-17? And not one but two bouncers both of which cost me $15 bucks. I was planning to buy a fancy new bouncer with a name like MacLaren or Combi but then decided why spend $80 bucks on a bouncer when Matthew outgrew his after four months. SO now we have two - one for upstairs and one for down. I thinking about ONE more for outside and/or the bathroom so I can shower during those early months. Have I mentioned that garage sales rock for kid's stuff?!

Kevin did some more gardening and the yard is starting to shape up after two summers of intensive work! Our veggie garden is rocking and rollin' and we have already been enjoying yummy lettuce for the past few weeks! The blueberries look like they are going to turn BLUE in the next couple of weeks, there are some strawberries and tomatoes as well. As long as we can keep the bugs away it will be fun to enjoy those as they ripen.

The weather ended up being not so bad. No real rain, just gray skies but warm temps so we got out for some walks (we walked, Matthew biked), Matthew had some quality yard time in his pool & sandbox and generally we all just enjoyed the outdoors.

On Sunday, we had a little play date with our friends, Annie & Jason and their kiddos. The kids ran around and tired themselves out! Gotta LOVE that! We did our BBQ on Sunday as the threats of rain seemed inevitable for the next day. Turkey burgers, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob and fresh fruit!

We also tried this recipe from Chop, Stir, Mix and I would highly recommend it. We grilled the chicken which took like 10 minutes tops. I did make some minor changes to it - I used Newman's Own Marinara instead of tomato sauce and I did not have enough Oregano and no garlic powder so I used Italian seasoning and 1/2 tsp of Garlic salt instead. I also added some additional Parm on top after the sauce. It was declared delish by my husband AND the three year old!

Monday dawned bright and early - Matthew was up at 5:30a. YES, I said 5:30a. Oy, this child. Any who, it was a good thing. We went off to have a special Memorial day breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Yum (and neither of us had to cook or clean up!) Kevin and I got Matthew down for a nap and watched Bee Movie (it was ehhh...) and then took a TWO hour siesta ourselves. We were both pooped and needed it apparently. Then off to groceries which was actually fast and fun. Matthew is a great helper! I send he and Kevin off for an item and Matthew is so excited to bring back what he found - it keeps him busy and he runs like mad all over the store! Basically it just makes for good shopping all around.

SO overall nice weekend. I could do with a three day weekend every weekend but I guess we have to take what we can get! What did you all do?!?!?


LoriD said...

I'm totally an advocate for the three-day weekend. That one extra day makes such a difference.

Welcome to our World said...

Canada rocks in that regard. At least according to my husband, Canada has a long weekend almost every month of the year, no?

Okay and the 1 yr maternity leave thing... I would give my eye teeth for that ;)

Jen said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Evan and I traveled to Kalamazoo for the weekend. He had a photo shoot with a couple of his baby buddies. :)

Mandy said...

I didnt wash our high chair from all the "left over" food either and stuck it right in the garage too - my mom and I had to scrub the hell out of it to give my brother and his wife - sooooo glad I wasnt the only one to do that!!

Sorry about that headaches.

We did a lot of yardwork and this is the fist time we try to grow anything eatable - hopefully we'll have a little success.

I didnt think about lettuce - is it wasy to grow?

Welcome to our World said...

Mandy~ We buy the start ups at Lowe's. It has been fairly easy to grow. The first year we did it from seed and the stuff that grew was bitter and yucky and most of it died. This time we bought red leaf type lettuce and it has been super tasty from the start! I love to garden whether we get a ton of stuff or not. I just like the act of planning, taking care of everything, & hopefully get something yummy out of it.

Mandy said...

I got the start up things at Lowes too (didnt know that is what they are called so thanks for clueing me in) - hopefully they will work -didnt see the lettuce - perhaps it wont grow here or I am just blind or something;)