Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Girlie Girl

I have to say that recently as my nesting instincts have kicked into high gear I have been channeling my inner girlie girl and loving it! I love the pinks, oranges and yellows. Not that Matthew cannot wear or have these colors but contextually it is different. I am excited for hair ribbons, bows and dolls. To make little pony tails and buy a little kerchief and head bands! I cannot believe that soon I will have a little girl. SOON. I am excited and amazed. And nervous. Kevin is nervous too. I know it will be okay, we will figure out the wiping thing which for some reason terrifies us both!

As it was with Matthew, I am looking forward to meeting this little person growing inside of me who flitters & flutters about, drags her foot (feet?) across my abdomen with more and more frequent regularity throughout the night hours, and has taken to having the hiccups some times 4-5 times a day!

I remember looking down at Matthew in the wee hours of the night while nursing and seeing the boy he would become. I never had words to describe that night, I likely still do not - more then anything it was probably a combo of intense love and desperate sleep deprivation! I just remember seeing how he would change from baby to boy soon as he laid there before me across my boppy sleeping. And this was just a few weeks into his life with us!

I remember longing for the moment when I would hear his little voice and how it amazes me to this day to hear him rattle on about random things.

I love how her room is turning out - the retro Partridge family birds, the color of the room, putting up some of pictures I had in my room as a girl.

I am excited that we have her name picked out.

I am enjoying Matthew's increased understanding and awareness of Baby Pancake - giving kisses and hugs and asking about what she will be like when she gets here.

I enjoy the dreams of her that I remember here and there. Where I firmly believe I am meeting her in a way. To help prepare me for her entry into our lives in the very near future!

I stand in her pretty green & pink room looking at the little pink socks and ruffly pink outfits and hope to gawd that the tech was right... that she is indeed a girl...


AndreAnna said...

Ok, seriously? If you don't e-mail me her name, I don't think we can be friends anymore. It's KILLING me!! LOL

I am nesting like a mad woman! We're almost 100% ready (as ready as you can be) and I don't think I'll relax until we are there.

melissa said...

Hooray for girls! I'm excited for you! I'm also excited for me since I'm itching to see a tiny little baby again!

Shades of Gray said...

Umm, yeah, no fair if you email AA the name. I'm dying to know the name!

I'm really excited to see what your little one looks like. Can't wait to see if she looks like her big brother. :)

Welcome to our World said...

I won't tell anyone. I am good at keeping secrets. Remember I did not know the sex or give up the name for Matthew so how's that for holding out!!! SO you will all have to wait on the name until whenever this kiddo makes her appearance which feels like any flipping day (watch I will be late again after all this early baby talk... like bad karma or something!)

K and J's mom said...

Yay for girlie girls! Of course, our handsome boys are awesome too, but those frilly little socks and black patent-leather like shoes? Is there ANYTHING cuter? ;) Can't wait to meet her!