Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Going on a Nanny Hunt...

We met with out first nanny prospect this morning. It went well. We knew her from Matthew's previous day care center experience. Hopefully we can meet with two others before making a decision. I am already leaning toward this person for a variety of reasons.

Mostly I wanted to share that I always hate being the interviewer and every time I am in the position to face to face interview someone I realize how poorly I would do in a management role! One would think I would be comfortable with this role as we have done this three times before when looking for day care situations for Matthew.

The thing I find the most humorous of all: do you want to know what I do at my job all day??? INTERVIEW people. But it is over the phone, no face to face. We follow a basic script and really most people's answers to our questions are the same. BUT I just checked and since January 1, 2008 I have conducted 60 interviews with candidates and written 23 jobs with employers. That is just the first half of THIS year.

Since starting my job in 2004 I have conducted (GET THIS) 516 interviews with candidates and written 268 jobs with employers. One would think I would be comfortable with this process by now!!!


melissa said...

Good luck with your search!

I actually love doing interviews (being the interviewer) but I can understand how there would be a different feel to the process when you're interviewing someone to care for your child.

Shades of Gray said...

I, too, love being the interviewer. I was actually able to do quite a bit at my last job, and sadly, it's one of the few things I miss.

Good luck with the great nanny search!