Monday, June 9, 2008

Swamp City!

What a weekend! It was hot, rainy and flood like all around us. In a word it was swampy this weekend! We took Matthew to the Zoo Friday morning. The ride to Indy seemed longer because Matthew has taken up selective hearing which is not really a recent development, just a development that is becoming more annoying with each passing day of this pregnancy. I even pulled for the 1st time ever: "If you do not listen to me, I will make your Dad turn this car around right now and we are going home!" Oh the pride & joy of parenting!

The zoo was nice but very hot & humid. I waddled about feeling sort of sorry for myself because I could do virtually nothing for or with Matthew. Kevin & Matthew had a great time (and really seriously that is what counts!) Mostly I was just hot and my favorite part of the trip was eating lunch in the air conditioning and going in to see the Hissing cockroaches. It was also air conditioned!! Matthew's favorite things were the playground and the rickety old bridge which is just a swaying bridge to the rhinos (and no, he did not care about the rhinos, just the bridge.) Of course when we (I) finally decided to leave Matthew wanted to see everything. I will upload the few photos I managed to take this evening and post for tomorrow.

Matthew started a Level 1 swim class Saturday morning and he totally rocked it. We were nervous because when I called to check they said Matthew would be going in on his own. We have not done swim classes since it was Parent/baby and we got in with him. And his only exposure to a pool really has been the blow up turtle pool in our yard and the beach last summer. They basically had two instructors to five little boys. The instructors were great. They came and greeted Matthew who was clinging to me like I was the last great hope to get him out of it even thought he was SO SO excited for swim class the entire week and we signed up for swim classes only because he asked me about doing them 10 billion times for several weeks before.

We think the only reason he let go of me had to do with Jacob the little boy sitting next to us. Ironically Matthew climbed right in and Jacob sat on the side most of the class. The class was great! They worked on blowing bubbles, jumping in, kicking, and floating. Matthew loved it!! He would look over at us and smile or wave. And when he came out of the locker room he had a crabby face. I asked him 'why?' and he said because he wanted to go back into the pool so I will take that as a rousing success! By far he was the youngest in the class so I was pretty proud of him for rolling with it all and I hope it continues to be a success!

I tried to spend time outside this weekend but the high temps/humidity are just killing me. The round ligament pain and sciatic nerve thing make doing most anything very difficult and painful. I am trying to ignore the pain and just live life but some days are more difficult then others. We ran a lot of errands. I bought the Ergo carrier! I also finally used some Best Buy gift cards I had from the holidays. I bought Matthew a Thomas DVD since it is near impossible to find the show on TV these days and two CDs for myself (Bob Marley and Van Morrison - old school music that I LOVE!) I bought Kevin one of his Father's Days gifts. We hit Sam's Club & Kohl's. Both of which we totally bought stuff we did not need - as much as we try to just buy what we need we never seem to be able to!

Our friends came over for a morning of running, jumping, and swimming in the pool Sunday. Oh BTW that was the kid's activities, not ours - we sat and watched! The whole not listening combined with the whole not sharing thing was fun to explore with Matthew. He even threw a bucket of water in our friend's daughter's face. Ummm, yeah. That is my kid. Sweeet. I know he will learn and I know if we keep talking about it and working on it this will get better and eventually he will learn but GAH does it suck right NOW.

We spent some time gardening Sunday in the sweltering heat which may have been wicked funny to watch as an observer because I looked like a 90 year old arthritic person bending over trying to prune the rose bush and dead head flowers. SO not pretty. I also need to cut my finger nails. They are dang hooks right now. OH and I did my toe nails. Again from an observational stand point, umm funny. Do not look to closely at those toes, they look like shit! Finally, we watched National Treasure II. I liked it, of course, I am a sucker for a mystery type thriller movie and cannot wait to finally see the new Indiana Jones when it comes out on DVD.

Matthew has taken to saying "as well..." which is something I say often. As in: "Mommy, may I have some watermelon as well?" It cracks me up. He actually is doing a fairly good job with his manners despite the issues with sharing and listening. It is nice to hear him say please and thank you every now and again without our prompting him to do so. It is like a teeny tiny victory that we pat ourselves on the back for.

AND for real finally, I have decided to stop reading all parenting/pregnancy magazines because Fit Pregnancy for June/July had me in a bloody panic last night over the stupidest things. I kept asking Kevin "do you think the baby is okay?" and I was worrying over foods I was eating and how much weight I have gained AND OMG BURN THE MAGAZINE NOW!!! SO no more magazines (or pregnancy books) for me, for now!


AndreAnna said...

Yeah, this weekend was apparently The Suckiest Weekend Ever for Pregnant Women.

Hope you feel better soon!

Welcome to our World said...

Andreanna: Ha, no joke!

Shades of Gray said...

But look on the bright side, you had air conditioning to go home to! ;)

melissa said...

I stopped reading pregnancy related books, etc when I was pregnant too. I also stopped watching shows like Baby Story. They just freaked me out since it seems that something always goes wrong!

Welcome to our World said...

Kelly~ This is true about the air conditioning. Here's to having air conditioning for you guys SOON!

Melissa~ None of that stuff bothered me until just recently. There is a long story behind why it bothered me which I will not go into but it is probably a good thing to just focus on my pregnancy and not worry about all the strange things that magazines, books and shows will make me think of!