Wednesday, June 4, 2008

List Maker, List Maker, Make Me a List

I am sort of list maker when it comes to clearing my brain and relieving the worry that goes along with feeling like I have 900 million things to do but no organized thoughts about getting them done...

It is not so much the checking off of a list that does it for me so much as the getting the cob webs out of my head especially at this late stage in the pregnancy game. If I do not put stuff on my calendar as it comes up I forget about it entirely and then I obsess over the fact that I missed the event or activity. Thankfully my husband and friends seem patient with me and just gently pat me on the back saying "no no that is not happening until NEXT week..." all the while cursing my stupidity I am sure ;)

Did I tell you the other day I walked to my acupuncture appointment and thought as I walked that it was the wrong day. She was in the room with someone so I peeked at her calendar and lo my appointment was not last Wednesday but THIS Wednesday so I left before she knew I was there.

With no further ado a list for your exciting viewing pleasure (Gawd could I be any more daft, boring and lame?!?!)

What we still need/want list:
Baby monitor (the little TV screen on our old one died) (how did our parents survive without the TV screen monitor anyway?!)
Sling(s) (STILL)
Born Free or Dr Browns Baby bottles (We threw out the old ones due to the whole toxic plastic thing)
Bottle drying rack
JJ Cole Bundle Me
A gift for Matthew from us for after the baby arrives
A night stand or little table for the baby's room - for water and stuff while I am nursing
2 shelves for baby's room
Snacks for the hospital (GOOD ONES)
Cash (for the hospital)
Tapes for the camcorder
Bumbo seat

We also need to start stocking up on extra food in our freezer for after the baby arrives. Okay and I need to pack a bag which is not going to happen for a few more weeks (hopefully?!) so I can obsess about that later.

I hesitate to say this BUT I think this all we need. Everything is all set. I am amazed by this and I am sure there will be 900 other things that come up once Princess Pancake arrives but I feel moderately good about it all!!!


K and J's mom said...

I'm the same way with lists. IT helps just to get it all down on paper, even though it doesn't necessarily mean I'll follow the list or even get it done timely. ;) I like your "get the cobwebs free" comment, that's a good way to describe what it does for me too.

AndreAnna said...

You don't need the bumbo seat anytime soon so cross that off your list.

And order the Ultimate Baby Wrap from amazon. It is the best wrap/sling ever, and you won't need to worry about any other.

We're doing the Dr. Brown's glass and BPA-free bottles too.

My family is throwing me a "sprinkle" this weekend, so I'm going to have a list very similar to yours once I see what I get and don't get.

Welcome to our World said...

Hey Andreanna ~ I want to get the Bumbo seat now so I have it mostly. I know it is not a must for the newborn but for some reason I am obessed with getting it!

Also, I was just making a little list on Amazon so I will add the Ultimate Baby Wrap. Also, what is the name of the item you mentioned for swaddling??? I love that SPRINKLE! TOO CUTE!

Mandy said...

sooooo, this is out of it I am -- I didnt know they even made baby monitors with tv screens!!!

jennifer said...

It's gotten to the point with my lists that I have one on my monitor that is a weekly Activity List with our events listed out for each day! Hopefully that way I don't forget I said I would go to a Mommies Group playdate!