Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hot Flash from Hell

Is this becoming Pregnancy Whine Fest 2008 or what? Umm yeah. So this morning I woke up feeling okay. Tired but okay. Matthew's pull ups leaked so his bed was wet but he calmly let me know this at quarter to five and we took his wet stuff off and wiped him up and he even came into our bed for 20 more minutes which was nice. He took a shower with Daddy and watched Bob the Builder. The whole time a massive storm was brewing. And when I say "massive" it was like the earth was sucking in black clouds and then threw up in the form of rain, wind, thunder and lightening.

The past two days we have been hit by massive storms creeping across the plains into Indiana with various warnings. Despite the drenching rains, the heat and humidity seem to be standing on their own through it all. Really the real issue in all of this for me other then being scared out of my bloody wits is the humidity and changes in the air pressure.

I was down right sick this morning after we dropped Matthew off. I had this huge hot flash that made me feel like I had the stomach flu... you know that 'I am going to throw up and have diarrhea all at once' feeling (TMI?). I became faint and thought I was going to need to drop my head between my knees (is that even possible at this stage in the game???) to stay conscious (I have had several dizzy spells as of late even though my blood pressure is in its normal low range and taking extra Iron to supplement the low Iron issues...) I seriously was close to gasping for air, the wet towel effect I have mentioned in the past. My body seemed to instantly swell up. This was all while I was sitting in our morning meeting with all of my colleagues... That would have been awesome to lose all my faculties and consciousness in front of everyone I work with.

Baby girl is now kicking and hiccuping away down there in her cozy little space. I am sticky now but not uncontrollably hot. I feel exhausted physically and mentally, as if just I got over the 24 hour flu all in a two hour time span. I am just trying to ignore the 10 day forecast which has our temps firmly planted in the low 90s and more storms on the horizon. Again I say it... this too shall pass, this too shall pass...


AndreAnna said...

Try and stay inside this week. A little extra TV for a few weeks never hurt a kid!

Rest up and drink lots of cold water.

(Like I should talk. I'm so

Jen said...

Hang in there, your sweet little girl will be here before you know it! :)