Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Like a Light Switch

Kevin said it best last evening - "toddlers are like a light switch. On, off, On, off..." My gawd. Last evening was an "event" in our house. There was much crying, red faces, screaming, threats and that was just from the adults. I kid. I mean we did have red faces & there were threats bandied about but mostly the crying and screaming came from Matthew.

I think we broke the record with four FOUR time outs. Two threats of going straight to bed (one that was carried out, sort of) and one threat of taking his blankie away (oy the screaming on that one...)

Like a light switch (so in between each on there was a sweet kind Matthew boy going on...)

Switch flip #1: 30 seconds after getting into the car after picking Matthew up at Kelly's house. Kevin went in the opposite direction then we went the night before to see the "DIGGGGGGGGGGGERS". Oh AND he threw his blanket over his head into the back seat area where we could not get it. He threw a fit over both things and the minute the construction site came into view he stopped screaming and laughed. It was insane.

Switch flip #2: Throwing rocks on a bike ride with Kevin after Kevin told him nicely to stop. (TIME OUT #1)

Switch flip #3: Wanting his blanket, a sip of water AND a nose wipe while serving his 3 minute time out.


Switch flip #5 (more us then him): Dinner has been hell lately. Matthew won't eat which is fine but he needs to sit in his chair for at least a few minutes, that is the rule at this time and he must ask to be excused as well. Lately he has taken to throwing food (??? WHA...), clinking his fork/spoon on the table (a habit we are STILL trying to break from BDLC), standing up (and reaching for stuff), and calling us "names". BUT really listening in the biggest issue. There were THREE more time outs during dinner one of which resulted in the going to bed right now.

Switch flip #5: Getting ready for bed after talking about why he was in his room already. This was followed closely by #6,7, & 8 which included teeth brushing, putting on PJs and getting a band aid for his boo-boo.

Switch flip #9: Getting a book for bed, going to bed and you know actually sleeping.

There was one other incident where he was sweetly blowing raspberries on my belly and the expression on his face was one of amazement as Pancake kicked hard every time he did it. However even as I asked him to be gentle with soft touches - he just kept blowing the raspberries harder and harder despite my soft kind words. I finally had to get up and walk away from him. He thought this was quite funny...

Oh and did I mention that Kevin just walked away from most of this at one point to go watch TV in our bedroom leaving me to deal with devil boy?!

This morning? More of the EXACT same behavior. Tired I tell you, tired. We have listening ears and many threats but boy am I tired of using all my energy and the small amount of time I have with Matthew each morning/evening being alternately pissed off and frustrated with my child...

One of my co workers asked how Matthew was and I said "great! for not listening..." He laughed his ass off at me and said "Christina that is not going to change until he is maybe 33, if that." I guess I better get used to this, huh!?


AndreAnna said...

We seem to have good days and bad days. Today? when I feel like ass?

NOT a good day. I am anxiously awaiting naptime and Daddy coming home from work so I can hide in my room.

LoriD said...

It can be so exhausting, that behaviour. Why can't they just deal with their moods and emotions like grown-ups? It would make them so much more enjoyable!

melissa said...

I think it's something in the air. L has been hit with the crazies lately too. We're getting lots of 'NO' here, only she thinks it's funny to say 'MO' instead of no. Whatever. She's definitely had an attitude lately that makes me shudder when I think about the teenage years!

K and J's mom said...

I swear THREE is going to be much harder than two. And NINE? Oh LORD....

Welcome to our World said...

k&J: I agree about three being harder then 2 and OMG everything beyond scares me to death!

Lorid~ Seriously though I mean COME ON can't they just be instant adults!?? WITH NO FLAWS, like me (hahahahaha...) I know this too shall pass and really the truth is I am exhausted, feeling huge and sort of helpless at times trying to deal with my own pregnancy induced emotional issues!

aa~ It totally sucks to feel like crap and try to get it together. I never feel like I can hide which is what is but STILL!

Melissa~ Maybe they are feeding off one another!? AND I agree again because I can see Matthew's inner teenager and I think lord help me to be a good mommy now and forever!!!