Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bump bump SWOOOSH

I took half the day off to hang out with M this morning. It was spectacular despite the fact that my sleep pattern sucked last night. To say it was disturbed would be an understatement. Also, it has been in maybe the mid 50s at night, with the windows open, the fan and air conditioning running and I am still freaking hotter then hell. I practically freeze K AND the dogs right out of the room! Oh and I had my 2nd (only) (thank GAWD) leg crap were I shrieked loudly in pain gripping at the pain and trying to roll over yet I am stuck ON MY BACK LIKE A BLOODY HARPOONED WHALE... Er hmm. My husband slept through it. Thanks honey. Oh well at least the 3 year old woke up and came in to see what was going on...

Any who, M and I had a wonderful time. We played together this morning after Daddy left for work. We played in the basement for the first time since the weather got nice. Since it has been awhile it was like those toys were all new. AND being as hot as it has been going outside all the time is just not a spectacular option for me.

We visited the Ob/Gyn to hear Baby Pancake's heart beat after play time. M was thrilled to go along with me. He was such a good boy. Though I am hoping for no permanent scarring from the pee in a cup thing that he had a chance to experience... Nuff said on that topic, eh? We had snacks & read books while we waited for the doctor. And his face just lit up when he heard the heart beat which made my heart skip a beat.

Then we went off to get some Starbucks (chocolate milk and blueberry muffins)and see the construction site along the way. We made it to a little park we have never been to across from the hospital. It was such a beautiful well kept shady little park I wondered why we have never been there before?! M loved it and there were plenty of options in terms of play equipment and kids to play with. I watched mostly and had all of the stay at home mommies who likely wondered who I was (they all seemed to know one another...) ask me when I was due.

Is this odd? I am 34 weeks pregnant and I keep forgetting I am as big as a house! I look blankly at people and I stumble all over my words (slobber?) saying "ahhh the baby is ahhh due in ahhh oh yeah YEAH the end of July!" Real firecracker I am! Whatever - M had a ball playing on the park equipment.

I finally talked him into leaving (mostly because it was time to go...) and we stopped by to visit "our office" (not Daddy, but our office...) This was 1st time M came into our work and was less shy then normal. He still covered his eyes and clung to me at first but I could put him down and he was okay with that. He gave Jim knuckle bumps and jumped into his Daddy's arms. He told his Daddy he heard Pancake's heart and it went bump bump swoosh (melting my heart again!) He got to feed the turtles, squeeze K's stress duck, play with my slinky and visit the fish (no I do not work in a pet store or a novelty store but it is a pretty homey office!)

Finally off we went to Kel's house for lunch and a much needed nap. He almost fell asleep on the way there! I was pooped but boy was it worth taking the morning to spend some special time with M especially before we turn his world on its side.

We are doing a refresher birth class tonight that I hope I can stay awake through. Mostly I wanted to do the class because I keep panicking over how little I remember from over three years ago. I thought it was just me until K told me he is "sort of scared shitless" for this birth (GO CONFIDENT COUPLE!!!) Our Douala, Molly, is teaching the course so we are taking advantage of getting together with her during this time as well.

Ack, I have no idea how to end this other then saying I am so tired that I have barely accomplished anything at work since arriving and wished I had cuddled up on M's cot at Kel's house for a nice long nap as well!!


Jen said...

Aww that is so adorable that Matthew got to hear Baby Pancake's heartbeat. Sounds like a nice day!

Welcome to our World said...

Thanks JEN! How are things going with you?!?!?