Friday, June 20, 2008

Refresher Course

We had our refresher birth class last evening. There was just one other couple and our Douala, Molly, "taught" the class. It was actually a lot of fun and great to just to be reminded of some of things that maybe escaped us. I also bought the cutest skirt for $3 from their little store! We set up a time to meet with Molly in a couple of weeks. Then we went home, chatted with Kelly (thank you thank you thank you! we totally owe you!) and went to sleep.

Lo, the dreams I had last night were freakish and frightening. Perhaps it was all that reliving of the 1st labor and delivery process. Both myself and the other women had long crazy birth stories (and seriously hers ended with two weeks after giving birth having a forgotten SPONGE removed from her body...)

The main dream that did not seem to ever end but has made me immeasurably exhausted this morning was of me laboring for hours. On the floor, an industrial strength type hospital floor. Otherwise the room was devoid of anything besides me moaning and moving around. Of course hours went by and NO BABY. Molly and another unidentified person were there telling me this was JUST NOT WORKING. SO the opposite of what a Douala is supposed to do, right!? It was like my worst baby delivery nightmare. When I had Matthew I did not have him on the floor I can assure you of that. I actually tried numerous positions during labor but not a single one included lying on the hospital floor because UGHHHA, gross. I have dark shadows under my eyes that go down to me knees from two nights of hellish sleep patterns. Oh and did I mention my eyes popped open at 5:00a and would not stay closed.

Any who along with the charming hours long labor dream sequence & early morning wake up call by own damn body, I had not one, not two but THREE leg cramps in the same leg one right after another... on and on. This time I did not scream but I did writhe in pain, grip the sides of the mattress AND my leg and moaned quietly. Sort of like labor... Ah yeah. This was my right leg and if you will recall last evening I had a leg crap which was in my left leg that made me slightly limpy. Now I am can hardly walk on top of the already painful pelvic waddle I had before any leg cramps occurred. I must just be a sight to behold.

Pregnancy glow, my ass!


Also, what about this???


melissa said...

You're getting so close! Sorry about the leg cramps. I only had a few during my pregnancy with Cam but I hope to never have them ever again! AWFUL!

About the high school girls...OMG! Jason and I were talking about this last night. I just don't get it. How could they possibly be SO niave and, well, stupid? I feel sad for the babies they are carrying.

AndreAnna said...

Sorry about the leg cramps - have you tried a banana before bed? Sometimes the boost in potassium can stave them off.

I've been too tired to dream the past couple weeks.. can never stay comfortable long enough.

Welcome to our World said...

AA~ Those dreams last night... ack I woke up distracted, confused and tired... Not sure they are the pregnancy dreams of my dreams ;) I'd rather go back to the "governator" delivering my child!

Melissa~ Kevin and I just gave one another this horrified look when the news came on and it was the top story. Like OMG can we lock our babies up forever and ever way from people. I think the most disturbing part of this was the parents were giving high fives over the pregnancies too LIKE THEY KNEW!!??!?!

Manager Mom said...

Ugh. The dream thing... I remember dreaming (before my first was born) that I put her carseat ON TOP of the car and drove away with her on it.

I actually did do that with my coffee and was almost as upset about losing the coffee as I would have been about doing that to her.

Good luck. Your day will come!!!