Monday, June 23, 2008

Beautiful With Sweaty Palms & A Waddle

I am hot, like right now. I hate it when I am hot. Almost as much as being cold. Mostly it is the sweaty palms because I just want you to consider my ability to type with sweaty palms. In addition to the nasty hand sweating issue, it makes my digits swell so not only do my nasty wet fingers slip off the key board but every other letter I type is wrong. Drives a girl batty who types pretty darn fast. I have actually developed the ability to type really fast AND include the backspace bar. SCARY.

Any who, I waddle. Yup. Officially. I waddle. I realized last evening as I lay awake in the middle of the night (despite being exhaustedly tired - BTW, exhaustedly is a word, I do not care if freaking Webster's says it is not...) that this pregnancy gig is not so bad if it were not from the soreness felt from ya know the breasts down to the very bottom of my heels that and the sleepless exhaustion that seems to have addled my brain. I can no longer walk properly and really can anyone fault a pregnant woman for sitting like a total dude? Well if you "sit" in judgment of this behavior I just do not care. It is comfortable, kay?!

I love my son, that is without a doubt, but this morning made me you know think that there was another reason to add to a list of reasons I am glad I have kids. Matthew saw me in my $3 skirt that I bought while attending the refresher baby birth course last week and he said (without any prompting thankyouverymuch) "Mommy you are SOOOO beautiful." Then he told Kevin he was handsome and he made us dance together. Daddy is not so light on his feet but we danced (and even dipped... Kevin now needs to be adjusted to fix his back from this harrowing experience. I kid! sort of...) Some things never change.

Matthew had a weird weekend. He was whiny and tired a lot. Hmm, do you think he is taking a cue from his mother??? Yeah because maybe that is the case now that I step back and think about it. Then I read a stupid Newsweek article about 8 bad ways to discipline your child and YO we are doing most of them... Sigh. Well, he has money set aside for college, or therapy, which ever he needs more of.

I am back to napping every chance I get. Which kind of sucks on the weekend. I cannot get anything done that needs to be done and I have resorted to just buying everything online once again because I really need some stuff because holy crap, there are only 48 hours in the weekend... Matthew naps for about an hour and a half, two hours if we are tired. I have been getting him down for a nap and barely making it the 10 steps to my bed before I am asleep. I barely sleep at night and I am up at the butt crack of dawn plus the 30+ times I wake up to find a "comfy" position or pee... UGH. Makes the week days interesting to say the least.

I was telling Kevin that I remember some of these "issues" from my pregnancy with Matthew. For instance, my feet aching I do remember but not to the extent that I have now. This feet aching includes near constant pain and not even staying off my feet seems to alleviate my pain. SO that kind of sucks. And of course we were both like, HELLO, it was just Kevin and I - what you were expecting some deep epiphany or what. There was no three year old who embraces the idea of full fledged movement and the need for constant stimulation. Not that I would want my child any other way. I am just saying I like Matthew's nap and bed time. A LOT!

I have a secret too. That I am going to share with you - please do not hold this against me. I really like to watch the teenybopper shows on the Disney Channel... Kevin rolls his eyes at this little secret pleasure. He asked me last evening "Honey, can't you just wait a few more years until YOUR kids are teenagers to watch this stuff?" AH, NO. I mean come on... High School Musical 2 and Wizards of Waverly Place. That is some good freaking TV. Really this just illustrates the mentality of the person who is presently writing this blog. Also, I have always been this way. Secretly watching and loving kid's shows. WEIRD, eh?

My hands are still sweaty, I am hungry and I should, well, you know do some work. BYE!


LoriD said...

Your confession cracked me up. I will watch Life with Derek sometimes, only because our neighbour is one of the stars. I could recite all the HSM2 lines, only because my kids are obsessed. I'm also really good at the HSM Sing It! game - I'll admit to enjoying that.

Welcome to our World said...

Lorid~ Ohhh who is it?! I like that Derek show too. Seriously if I am not watching MTV or HGTV I always tune into the Disney Channel in the evenings. HOW PATHETIC!? I am not such a big fan of That's So Raven but some of the those are SO cheesy they are kind of kicky and make me chuckle. That is kind of scary that you know the lines then again I can still sing most of the words to every song in Grease & Dirty Dancing from excessive watching of those movies. Without a doubt so can my (HS) friend's and their parents as well!

Jen said...

What about the Hannah Montana show? I have to admit I was jammin' along to one of Miley Cyrus' songs on the way to work again. But I'm sure that you expect that from me! :)

Jen said...

by the are beautiful!!