Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Random Chatter

Sweaty palms & swollen fingers again, just so you know. Also, the high 80s all week long. I knew the cooler temps would not last but it was lovely while they were here!

I receive an email that I randomly signed up for through the hospital that I grew up near by in San Jose. It is one of those weekly pregnancy emails and by far it has been the greatest "weekly update" that I have received through either pregnancy. At any rate this week it says:
* Approximate length (of the baby) 18 inches, weight 5 to 6 pounds.
* The baby will be descending even lower into the pelvis; this is called "lightening" or "engagement."
* As the baby rests her head in the pelvic cavity, mother's lungs and stomach are less pressured, possibly making breathing easier.

I would definitely say, based on the level of soreness I have at this time, that all of these things are true. Also, holy crap THIRTY FIVE WEEKS?!?!?

Yesterday, I made the last of my weekly appointments to see Liz, the midwife. I totally lied and said I need to make them because my work wanted to know for scheduling purposes. SO I have all my weekly appointments up till my due date. FREAKY!

I finally sucked it up on Monday and Merry Maids will be coming to clean our house next Monday. Letting go of control over cleaning my own environment scares the crap out of me but given the fact that any bending and/or squatting is painful we decided this was the best course of action given the state of icky that our toilets have become. I am looking forward to a few weeks of letting it all go and not being worried about it. They are only going to be cleaning the main level of our house (it was cheaper) and we will take care of the basement.

We also hired a nanny! We checked references, did the back ground check and offered her the job last evening. She accepted so we are happy about that. Big relief. Now if I could just stay awake long enough to get the last of the items we need for the baby (A MONITOR, still...) we will be pretty much all set. Any thoughts about monitors from you smarties out there? Which do you like? Why?

I took out a couple of size 1 diapers to keep in the car along with wipes. I was amazed at the size of ONE diapers. I forgot how little a baby's rump is! Kevin installed the baby's car seat on Saturday. We wanted to get Matthew used to it. He did not even care. In fact, he cared more when I put the stupid mirror thing in there a few weeks back.

Finally, we bought a freezer for the garage. It feels so odd to have it. Growing up there were five of us in the house plus a zoo of animals and we always just had our one little fridge and freezer combo, nothing big and fancy. This was Kevin's birthday present from March so he is most excited though we did have a moment at Sam's when we thought we would not get the box in the car. We finally managed to jam it in AND shut the door. It feels nice to have extra room to put meats, frozen pastas/veggies/black bean burgers and veggies from our garden but frivolous none the less. Any ideas for frozen meals that we can make and put in there for after Pancake arrives?


Pickles & Dimes said...

I read that sentence too fast and thought it said the baby would be about 18 POUNDS instead of inches. Oops.

You're almost there - yay!

Was Merry Maids reasonable? I love to clean, but when it's nice outside and I'm spending 2 hours every other week cleaning (with Jason spending 2 hours cleaning downstairs), it'd be nice to outsource it, you know?

Welcome to our World said...

p&d: ACK 18 lbs!!! That is a very frightening thought!!

I think Marry Maids is reasonable for the time being. I do not think I would do it year around. They do not charge anything to come out and give you an estimate so it might be worth the call to get out and enjoy the summer months!!!

randomstuff said...

Chicken pot pie is great for making ahead and freezing, and it can stay frozen for a while.

We had a freezer in the basement growing up, it's pretty much were the meats were stored. Leftovers got to be in the kitchen freezer/fridge combo.

AndreAnna said...

The freezer in the garage is THE BEST.

AndreAnna said...

It sent before I was ready...

As far as the maids go, I'm glad you're giving yourself a break. I have a Merry Maid. His name is Mike. LOL

Welcome to our World said...

AA~ heh, love it. I sort of have a merry maid too but I think with the new baby I will give him a break too ;)

I am sure I will get used to the freezer in the garage eventually. I love it at the moment because our freezer in the house only has what we need in it and we can buy more stuff in bulk like bread when it is on super sale, etc...

melissa said...

Glad you finally got the maids scheduled! I think you will like it even if you just do it while the baby is little.

Congrats on finding a nanny too! You guys have been busy!

Frozen pizza is really the best I can do as far as freezer meal suggestions!

Welcome to our World said...

Melissa~ Frozen pizzas I like! I can "do" those VERY well ;) I am so excited for those ladies to come clean my house even if it is only upstairs and for a short period of time!

K and J's mom said...

soup soup soup for frozen meals...also sauces and marinades for quick chicky/beef/fish meals is a good idea. Spag sauce and whatever else you like. It'll make boiling pasta and throwing some chicky in a pan to bake turn into a quick meal that is yummy with MUCH less effort. LOVE the freezer in teh garage. Our's was a wedding present and I can't imagine not having it! It's great for ice cream too.... in bulk. ;)