Monday, June 2, 2008

Pizza, Love and Happiness

What a lovely weekend! It was sunshine-y and warm. We spent time outside enjoying that A LOT. Matthew was in 7th heaven running around the yard, playing in his pool, and generally just enjoying the freedom that summer weather brings. We bought Subway, went to play at the park and had a little mock picnic after the park. We had friends over for a BBQ dinner/"play date". We took a few walks/bike rides. We watered plants and cleaned out the garage (AGAIN). We got rid of the monstrous entertainment center and replaced it with a smaller Crate and Barrel corner unit with wood tones that actually match the furniture we own! We figured out what furniture we need to replace the lost extra space the huge unit had (sofa table and some shelves.) I washed the "new" baby stuff we have received over the months. We hit up Target and spent TOO much money but I think I am almost done with baby planning stuff (check to size 1 diapers and pacifiers!)

I love a weekend that is full but not so full that I feel like I hardly enjoyed the weekend. That, to me, is a great weekend and that is what this one was!

I did have some struggles. I keep getting these nasty headaches. I think they are pregnancy related. Either hormonal or how I sleep now or something. Thankfully Tylenol does the trick right away.

Mostly the sciatic type pain which comes and goes continues to really just bowl me over. On Saturday morning I was trying to complete my house cleaning to do list which I wrote about three weeks ago. I will do one little chore and be staggering about in this pathetic manner. Generally the pain & really more the frustration of not having the ability to, you know MOVE, puts me in a nasty mood. I know the back pain will not last forever and it is a really good reminder to just slow down a bit in all honesty.

However by Saturday early afternoon I was literally writhing around on my back (yes I said on my back, as in flat on my back and yes I know I am not supposed to lie FLAT on back but it felt SOOO good) trying to make the pain ago away. Miss Princess Pancake seems to think the very FAR left side of the uterus, in back, is the best spot for her to hang out so I attribute the pain to where she has found it most comfortable. Selfish fetus! (I kid!!!!)

The kicks she delivers these days are pretty intense. They are no longer the soft little sweet kicks of yore. Now they are long rolling foot stamping kicks that move across my belly like electricity. Between these kicks and the contractions, OY pregnancy is getting more and more intense. I do love to sit and watch the kicks because it is like she is dragging her little foot across my belly. It is amazing to almost see the full outline of her wee little foot!

Matthew is obsessed with those temporary tattoos. Today he is wearing one from Pizza Express, a local pizza joint (yummers!) This tattoo advertises Pizza Express AND it has a little picture of a pizza, a peace sign and a happy face (pizza, peace and happiness - makes sense right?! Kooky hippies ;) OY. It is actually better then the original one he wanted which was a UPS tattoo. I did not read the directions and messed that one up... Oops.

I swear those temporary tattoos are crack laced. My kid has hardly gone without one for what seems like months. The last one that we finally washed off over the weekend I put on him in a fit of boredom one morning a few weekends ago. It was an anchor from his Pirate birthday party. After I put it on he was walking around flexing and saying "ARGGGGG".

Kevin used some spray on sunscreen over the weekend and that made it "fall off" (thankfully...) Matthew sobbed uncontrollably when he realized what had happened and me being me promised him a new one to get him to stop crying (Wha???) I thought he would forget but from Saturday evening until this morning he begged for a new one so I relented. I am now down to some Halloween tattoos that I refuse to even consider in June. Hopefully after this one comes off we can get him to move on to something new. Or maybe just a real tat? (ah I hope you know I am definitely kidding about that!?!?)

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AndreAnna said...

I am SO SO SO done with this pregnancy. I am so with you on all the aches and pains.