Saturday, July 12, 2008

Complain Much?

I could not look at the vagina-penis post any longer. I told K I have not posted a new entry the past few days because I could not stand to write another post about pregnancy but I'M BACK! Mostly just here to bitch 'cause it feels SO good and I know that pregnancy will not last forever so I may as well enjoy complaining about it now while I can??? That makes no sense but come on it 11:30pm and I am not even tired... well that is a lie I am tired but I cannot sleep.

Can I just say I had the worst leg cramp by far on Friday morning. K thought I was in labor because I was moaning and muttering so loudly for so long. It freaking hurt and I swear it lasted 10 minutes. Today, Saturday, I am walking with a major limp. Freakin' leg cramps... I thought I escaped them this pregnancy but how wrong I was.

My feet are on fire. My heels in particular are the worst. It feels like I walked 300 miles across hot coals, bare foot. IT FEELS THIS WAY ALL THE TIME NOW. I know some of this has to do with the minor swelling I have and the HELLO 40 lb weight gain (AGAIN.) I wear a size 5.5 shoe and once a cute swimmer boy named Jason whom I had a crush on commented on the size of feet - he said "I have no idea how you stay upright with such small feet." Not exactly the thing you want the boy whom you have a crush on commenting on but hey at least he was looking at me even if it was just my feet. I DIGRESS. All I want to do is sit but there is stuff to be done like you know pee.

400 times a day. Pee BE GONE. Please.

If my heels do not ache to the point of not wanting to walk then it is my back and my gawd stabbing searing pain there too. Before I even get to the "sleep issue" can I just say Pancake is low, like my goodness baby girl engage already, make water break DO SOMETHING. Please?! I love you already and would be thrilled to meet you sooner rather then later, ya know?!

Sleep... what? 2-4 hours of light sleep does not count as a full night's sleep? HA, I disagree. Even napping has been hard the past few days. I like to sleep, A LOT. Last night when Kevin was up with Matthew in the middle of the night I laid in our bed waiting to go back to sleep. From 1-4am. I gave up around 1:45am and watched Nancy Grace and some strange story about the largest siting of UFOs back in January '08 in Stephanville TX. I forgot how bad the TV choices are at 3:00am...

Finally, I received this random freaking email from the ex bf from hell. Ah can I just say it has been NINE years... PLEASE stop emailing me, PLEASE. AND he some how has my email address that I only give out to friends and family. I do not give that email addy to anyone and I tried, you cannot Google my email address based on my maiden name... I have my pretend email that I use on most web sites and to order shit. I told Kevin about this and he thought it might be that I forwarded something to someone who might know someone he knows but still... GO AWAY, please.

Other then feeling kind of whiny and really pregnant, I am having a charming weekend truly. There is a new pool for M in the yard that he loves, a wonderful 3rd birthday party for his friend G, swim class (and the discovery that one of the OBs in the practice we go to has her 3 yr old in our class too), a trip to Target, lots of one on one time with M, a visit with the nanny and really just resting as much as we possibly can.

Something has to happen soon with this baby, right? RIGHT?!?! Please just say right. Oh and 38 weeks officially on Monday. CRAZY how the time has gone by with this pregnancy!


AndreAnna said...

I'm awake nursing now but just three days ago, I was in your shoes. Hopefully your time will come sooner than later.

k's mama said...

Hi! New here (clicked over from Erica at All Dressed Up).

Sounds like the end is near, I'm sure you're really excited!

Its really funny that you mention Stephenville - I go to school there (Tarleton) and the actual reaction from the town was hilarious! The one that I can remember was a sign at a restaurant that said "Aliens like tacos too!" It was a huge joke to most people.

el-e-e said...

Oh, man. I totally feel your pain(s) about the last weeks of pregnancy. UGH. Hope she comes soon!!

and thx for your comments to me today. Made me feel better to read that I'm not the only one.