Monday, July 14, 2008


When we came home Thursday evening we noticed there was something going on with M. He was in a word CANTANKEROUS. He pitched 20 fits in what seemed like 20 minutes. He would not eat and was generally miserable. After putting him to sleep that evening and having him wake up 20 minutes later SCREAMING I figured he was sick. And he is. Sick that is. Nothing horrible just your run of the mill head cold. Runny nose, whiny boy, hacking cough (ever since he had croup that is always how he coughs now with that croupy cough, it sucks...) He seemed to be feeling much better on Saturday and Sunday so we had hope. But last night I was up with him three times because of the hacking cough for an hour at a time.

Only hours before this night time waking on his part did I realize 'huh my throat - swallow swallow - it is a hurtin' BADLY.' UGH. Yes, I thought K and I got through this little summer cold unscathed but I was wrong - damn me for even thinking this BTW. SO I have gone from hoping and praying that this baby comes early to PLEASE JUST WAIT TILL I AM FEELING BETTER. Stay put Pancake stay put. Mostly my throat is sore and my nose is stuffed but if you will recall I was bitching yesterday about my other end of pregnancy woes so YEEE HA bring on the cold too, right?! Why not? I mean it is not like I was feeling great to begin with!

I panicked of course because I was sick when I was overdue with M and it was really horrible. Seriously the panic feeling stemmed from this thought - 'OMG this pregnancy is starting to look exactly like the end of my pregnancy with M - will labor and delivery be the same?!?!' Which to clarify I had this healthy beautiful baby boy but getting there MY GAWD I just want it to be slightly ah well you know easier or different. I am trying with all my heart to remain calm but these stoopid freaking hormones just keep bubbling up and messing with my head.

SO I am sick. Poor me. M is home today and hopefully he will get well quickly. As for me, I am just going to need to suck it up. Rest, eat, drink some herbal tea & water, use some Olbas in my nose and hope for the best, right?

Hey guess what else? Nothing but sunny skies and temps in the low 90s ALL WEEK LONG.

On that happy note, bye before you reach through the computer and wring my pathetic little whiny neck!!!


LoriD said...

I was sick just before Bart was born. I swear I coughed that kid out!

Feel better!

Jen said...

I hope you all feel better soon! If not, stick a clove of garlic in your ear!

AndreAnna said...

Oh you poor thing. I couldn't imagine being as pregnant as you are and sick.

You can take Afrin if your nasal congestion gets too bad and you go into labor.