Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Little Fashion Critic

Conversation I had with my three year old before I left for work yesterday morning.

M: Mommy I love those green shoes...
Me: Why thank you Matthew.
M: They match your shirt PERFECTLY.
ME: bahahahahaha (Kevin in the background also laughing and at the same time looking slightly perplexed.)

M seems to be feeling better. He slept through the night and has a tiny cough but otherwise he seems to be at the end of the cold. Me, not so much BUT I am keeping a positive attitude. I figure being sick with a minor cold is about the least of my worries at this point!

Mostly today I decided to turn my bad 'tude around and enjoy the last days of pregnancy because THEY ARE MY LAST DAYS OF PREGNANCY, dudettes!!! I am amazed by this. Week 38 or TWELVE days till touch down! I love it. I love that for most of the time since wee Pancake has dropped she keeps her heel (or what I assume is a heel and until the midwife tells me differently I will continue to assume HEEL) firmly planted in the front of my belly down low so you can feel and see the shape of it. I cannot wait to see and meet that heel which I rub all the time (and it makes her move - maybe she is ticklish like her big brother!!!)

I stopped having contractions for a couple of days and Pancake's movements have slowed a bit which kind of freaked me out last evening as I thought about it but then the contractions started back up not five minutes after I mentioned this to Kevin and I have been having some here and there since then.

Sick or not, I am SO ready to meet this wee little tot, to snuggle her face and check out those fingers and toes. To find out her hair color - will it be red like M's or something new? To dress her in some of that cute clothing we have been hording away for months now and have her home tightly wrapped like a little burrito, to lay her on the floor and let the dogs sniffle her face, getting to know her, like they did with Matthew, to see M's reaction to Pancake and see them grow and become siblings over the coming years. To find out how life will change and get used to four (six?!) instead of three in the house.

I realized last evening as I grunted and groaned to get off the couch that I am VERY excited to meet this baby far beyond any amount of complaining I can do here or anywhere for that matter. I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel even if it is a "late" light, I know it is there, finally and I am terribly excited about that!

Now if I could just regulate my body temperature, life would be groovy!!! I have the 38 week appointment with Liz tomorrow at 8:30a so look for possible updates tomorrow some time!!!


melissa said...

Lily has been doing the fashion commentary as well! What IS that?

Hooray to enjoying the last few days of pregnancy! Before you know it your little girl will be here! SO excited!

melanie said...

I found you through Better Now and I just wanted to say congratulations! I just had a little girl recently too (although this is my first) and it is so fun! I also have a nephew who is a little fashion critic too - it always makes me laugh.

*melanie from www.meli-mello.com

Jen said...

Hooray! Your baby girl will be here so soon. I can't wait to hear about her (especially her name!) and see pictures of the little cutie.

Aww! Hugs to you, my friend!