Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Nothing new to report. I am tired like no other at the moment from lack of sleep, I am feeling worse today then I did yesterday in terms of this head cold and the baby is still the same - that is inside of me ;) We are still at 1 cm, slightly more then 50% effaced and "soft" (which UMMM TMI, I know...) The only difference between this stage with M: I was not "soft" and I never did become soft as the term goes... And Pancake's head is more engaged but not fully engaged - M never ever dropped down to be engaged. However, he is an engaging child, or at least I think so BUT I digress. I am tired and feeling random. I will take a photo of me in my 38th week of pregnancy today and post it shortly.

Liz suggested trying something like Ambien tonight to get a good night of sleep and that is now on the agenda. Make dinner, get M ready for bed, pop a pill, SLEEP. And really underneath being tired I am still excited and enjoying pregnancy, just so you do not think I was making that shit up yesterday! I just wish I could breath and sleep - you know vital components to being a human being!

Do you now what I am getting "tired" of? Gloom and doom on the radio and TV about our economy. I know the economy is tanking as evidenced by massive losses to our retirement and investment accounts. Even with the losses we are even for the most part. I cannot imagine what folks who are not in this position must be feeling both in the saving area and the simple things like gas and food. My mom is one of them and it sucks...

Also, the presidential election. Haven't we elected someone new already??? I feel like we have but OMG we still have not?!?! Please make my pregnancy brain last through November, please (see also skipping the memory of turning 35 in November as well!!!)

In other "news", we have made some minor progress in getting stuff done around the house. We bought this console table (which to me is a sofa table but holy shit how out is that to say?) and it will arrive shortly.

My lovely boss took a photo by Randall Shedd I bought at the 4th Street Art Festival in for me to be framed and so it is finally hanging on our wall and I am in LOVE!

I found a place for some of the displaced photos from the old entertainment center and I AM happy about where they ended up (in the basement on top of the cupboards if you are curious.)

We hung one shelf in the family room and there are some photos up there.

I finished the horrible scrap book I started about a year ago and I wrote thank you notes at long last to everyone both for M's birthday gifts (it was family so I figured they would forgive a tardy thank you note) and the baby shower my lovely co workers threw for me two months ago. Better late then never, right!?


Find shelves for Pancake's room
Clean the basement including the bathroom
Do laundry including sheets
Clean windows in the basement (with my new window cleaning rag that TOTALLY ROCKS!)
Hang pictures in the basement
Go for long hilly walks
Drink Raspberry leaf tea until it is coming out of my ears
Have a baby

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Shades of Gray said...

Good luck with that to-do list! I'm cheering you on for the last item. ;)