Thursday, July 17, 2008

Baby Boomlet

WOW! This article about the number of births last year is interesting and amazing and interesting.

I decided today after much thought and many attempts at changing this over the last year that my son and husband shall no longer be referred to by their real names when I blog. Neither will Pancake when she arrives (I promise I will share her name at least once...) I have been nervous after that recent email from the ex BF from hell and decided I needed to finally make this switch. In turn I will not be mentioning any of M's friends names or our friend's names unless you tell me that I can. I am working on changing over old posts which may take some time.

I am sure it is quite easy to find things these days on the Internet and changing the names of those involved does not make much of difference in some ways but enough that I feel better doing it this way. My name shall remain the same (for now anyway). M (my son) will be M or Peanut, Pancake will be Pancake and K (my husband) will be K hence forth. Santana and Lucy will not lose their identifies, YET!

AH I just realized I will need to change the address of this blog... I will work on that and hopefully I can do it without killing the whole thing. Ah opps if I do.

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