Monday, July 21, 2008

Pain IN the A$$?

It is like hot HOT right now. Like 91 yesterday. (Like what on God's green earth was I thinking about when we decided to try for a summer baby!??!?!) Sunday morning, I actually thought it was cooler in the morning then it had been on Saturday and managed to sit outside until I could no longer bend my fingers or toes (healthy, right?! Should have my BP taken when I do stupid stuff like that - 108 over 72 my ass...) M was playing in his pool and I love to hang out with him when he is doing this. It is HARD to stay inside when all of the "fun" stuff is happening outside.

Any who, in the afternoon, we attended a funeral for our co-worker's husband. Something I forgot about despite having it on two calendars but I was tired and K failed to remind me (DAMMIT THAT IS HIS JOB, RIGHT?!) So K went to the funeral on time and I rushed to get ready and drag M out of his bed to get there about 20 minutes later. GOOD THING. The church had air conditioning from like the 1950s and we were on the upper level. Not to mention M's attention span lasted all of 10 minutes before he started asking where his Daddy was VERY LOUDLY. Likely it was good for both M and I that we were late because the service ended about 30 minutes after we arrived and I truly cannot image having to sit for the entire 50 minute service.

After the funeral, we had the brilliant idea to hit the local County Fair that started this weekend. We got through all the animal barns. We hit the food stands where M and I shared a funnel cake. And really let's just stop there - what other reason is there to go to the fair then to see big huge smelly sleeping pigs and eat funnel cake!? Yummers (to the funnel cake, not the pigs)!!! We (I) did not last long due to the extreme heat. We went last year around the same time of day and the place was packed. This year most of the people who were there already were the 4-h kids and their families. It was just too HOT to be out. M's favorite part: the digger and bulldozer working in the grandstand area. And a horse whose name had something to do with fire and the outside of the stall was decorated with firemen items. He kept saying he loved the fire horse!

The storms arrived not long after we came home. Two big quick rain storms that produced a beautiful full bright rainbow which we went out to look at. M played in the puddles and I got to gardening. BAD BAD MOVE on my part. With this pregnancy I have experienced back pain. Well, more to the point my butt hurts. I bent over to clip some dead flowers and I was stuck. It was classic. I told K I cannot move. He just looked at me like "are you serious?" to which I just nodded YES indeed I am. The pain was out of this world. K came to drag me up the drive way (which is FLAT) and I stumbled into the house trying to figure what to do for the pain.

This was worst pain yet. And everything I did made it worse. As in trying to sit, stand, walk, GO TO THE BATHROOM... OMG. I grabbed an ice pack and shoved it down my shorts and tried to find a comfortable position. If I settled into a position I could not move or else the pain came back standing the hair on my arms on end. The ice pack helped to relieve some of the pain to the point where I could get a few things done then we headed off to bed.

K offered to massage that area. I kept saying my back hurt but when I showed K the area that hurt he started laughing at me and said "honey that is not your back that it is your butt!" Okay I knew this but who wants to say my butt hurts all the time... it just sounds umm weird, you know? Needless to say K was a good sport and his massage to my left bum region (TMI???) helped to get rid of the pain. Today my back hurts, for real this time. Like lower back pain NOT my butt I swear. (I have lost all creditability, huh?) (WHAT? Stop looking at me like that) (it is my lower back and NOT my butt, I swear)

ALSO, send birthing vibes my way, PLEASE! That little floaty baby thing down there says 39weeks and 1 day. I (WE) are so ready for Miss Peach to arrive, LIKE NOW. Thank you for your help (it is MY BACK that hurts now, I swear!)


AndreAnna said...

Good luck! I hope this is your day!

K and J's mom said...

Can't wait to hear that you are at the hospital patiently (ha!) waiting for baby girl's arrival. I am definitely sending you pos baby vibes!!! C'mon baby girl!

melissa said...

Hang in there!!! It won't be long now.