Monday, July 28, 2008

Still waiting...

Ugha. That is the word I would describe how I feel right now. K and I went to bed last night, around midnight. We were both wired - K had a cup of coffee to late I just cannot sleep. We were also sucked into watching TMZ... BAD BAD TV.

Then M woke up at I do not even know what time. It was right before the "storm" started. He said there was a bat in his room. Then he proceeded to ask about his "bumpy" string every five minutes until I finally told him to please just go to sleep. This bumpy string is a little string that is bumpy that hangs from his tattered blankie and he feels he must hold on to it while sucking his thumb. Apparently it is very important to have when falling back to sleep after a bad dream in the middle of the night.

He/we fell back to sleep and I awoke to a kick to the face and the baby tummy. OUCH. He was talking very urgently about 'NO I was playing with that. GIVE IT BACK TO ME.' I rubbed his back gently to quiet him and he was quiet for 5 more minutes. He started back at '...that is MY grape. Give me it back. Take it out of your mouth...' Uhhh, yeah.

At this point I have been up for at least an hour but I am fairly certain it was longer then that. I was tired, uncomfortable, HOT and thankfully K came into to save me. We both went back to sleep in our bed but maybe 10 minutes later M started yelling for K and K slept in there the rest of the night. Needless to say sleeping in would have been a dandy option for both of us this morning.

BUT I am at work. Feeling a little hopeless right now. I am just ready. Ready to have a new sweet smelling little baby to keep me up at night, ready to wear "real" clothing, and start losing weight, ready to be able to bend over and not have my back ache in that staggeringly painful sharp way it does, ready to walk without a limp and have my pelvis feel like it is fused together once again.

I had a long-ish period of contractions Saturday evening and I have one or two from time to time but nothing consistent. I have tried being on the floor on my hands and knees to be sure Princess pancake is getting into the right position at least every day. I am beyond walking - it is hot and I swell just sitting now - the swelling started up on Friday. I am hot in the icy cool of air conditioning blowing on me. And I am mildly afraid to be too far away from a bathroom because I need to go 24/7 (and not #1...)

SO here we are week 40!!! and one day (but who is counting!!!) We shall see if I will go through with the scheduled induction. First things first, I need to get some sleep. Just a little bit. I am really ready to be done with work I have to say. It is hard to concentrate and harder to sit still all day long because my thoughts keep getting interrupted by this little baby living inside of me.

I am still grateful and excited. Do not get my wrong on this front. My complaints are more the garden variety end of pregnancy ones. I do not feel unique not do I really want sympathy. I just want to write about it because it is what it is. I have tried to write deep or thoughtful posts here and there. AND all of my photos are at home so I cannot just post some pictures that I have been meaning to post from 4th of July or of my 39th week of pregnancy. Mostly I am just writing to say I am waiting as patiently as I can. Hoping and waiting!

Our weekend was very nice. We did everything I said we would do from list on Friday and then it was over and here I am! How was your weekend!?


AndreAnna said...

I just can't believe you are still at work!

Welcome to our World said...

Yeah work (said sarcastically!) I cannot believe it either... part of me wants to throw in the towel and part of me is glad for the diversion of it all, if that makes sense. I always planned to work until the end so I guess I am getting what I wanted! LOL!

melissa said...

Pregnant women are totally entitled to gripe and bitch and moan as much as they want! Especially during the last few weeks. you know, your bathroom, um...needs (not #1), might be an indication of things getting started!

I know what you mean about the diversion of work during the last few weeks/days. Yeah it sucked to be stuck at work but at least it kind of kept my mind on other things and I was pretty much just sitting at a desk. Hang in there! It really will be ANY DAY NOW! So excited!

Jen said...

You are a trooper to still be at work! Although I do know what you mean about it being a good diversion, I was home a full week before Evan arrived just sitting and waiting, and waiting some more.

Baby Pancake will come soon! Hope you get some sleep!