Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Something to say...

I have no idea what. Thoughts randomly come and go from my head lately faster then I can remember them. Likely this has to do with a slight lack of sleep. Also, Miss Pancake... mornings are not her forte at this point, yet. I can get her to nap a bit but she simply does not nap well (see also throwing the dogs out the front door and not caring if they ever return... Please note: I would NOT do this. I just dream about it ;)

Dude NEW KIDS ON BLOCK VIDEO on VH1 - why did they seem SO hot when I was 13??? Oh wait hormones. Okay that guy is kind of cute in that aging boy band sort of way. SEE random.

My boss is supposed to come by and visit this morning but I have no idea when. I thought she might come by earlier then she said initially but I must be wrong on that front. Also, can I just say that I have taken to eating my son's snack foods in the morning because we have not been the grocery store in two weeks. My choice each morning while Kevin is still home is to eat or take a shower/brush teeth. You bet your booty I take the shower and have fresh breath over eating (see also baby won't nap very well in the morning.)

I have scheduled our first "photo shoot" for this afternoon with our photographer for newborn photos. I am excited and hoping it goes well but have no expectations. Miss Pancake seems to have (OMG am I admitting on the Internet??? because shoot me now and also just start knocking on wood now) to have a schedule. She naps each morning from 9:30-11:00a and then she sleep from about 2:00p till 5:00p and any time from 6:30p to 10:30p (which I suppose that stops being a nap that late in the evening, eh?) The photo shoot is at 2:00p so I am hoping she is not TOO grouchy about staying up an extra hour. I will let you all know how it goes.

Can I tell you a pathetic secret? I totally know when the mail person comes and wait with anticipation to see the mail truck go by so I (we) can go out and get the mail. I would make such a bad stay at home mom... Seriously. I have these crazy highlights to my day. Mail truck. Days of Our Lives. Oprah. The boys come home from work/school. Boo-yah. Bet you cannot beat that for excitement. I should add afternoon nap for the baby but now that I mentioned her schedule it will change entirely I am sure.

Did you manage to slog through this pathetic post??? Yes, well there is more. First, I did manage to do some pretty healthy eating (well you know discounting M's snacks for breakfast) and I brought the five lb weights upstairs and have been doing random weight lifting as well as something I like to call "baby legs". That is lunges, squats and random walking/bouncing while holding the baby who does not like to be put down. Hey at least I am doing something, right.

I have to tell you all - I have been meaning to write this for about two weeks. I mentioned that K has totally rocked at this daddy of two things. He has been great - supportive and loving and trying to help me through any crazy feelings/thoughts I might be having. BUT the other half of this equation is how wonderful everyone has been. My peeps yo (omg how late 90s can I be???) The meals, the gifts, the flowers, the check in's, etc... It has meant the world to me even if I do not call or email back right away I just want you to know that you all are the best best friends/family/co-workers a gal could ask for. As for my neighbors can I just tell you I thought our neighborhood totally sucked just like the first one. The older couple across the street (Rosalyn and Larry) brought a freakin' gift over for Miss Pancake. I almost died and wanted to hug and kiss her. The other neighbors check in on us and give us fresh veggies from their garden. I just feel wrapped up in care and I cannot really express how wonderful that really is.


kfrantz7 said...


I found your blog on another baby blog and I just wanted you to know how funny I think you are. I look forward to reading your new posts with your candor and silly stories about M and Pancake! Keep up the great work!

melissa said...

Ugh. I hear ya about the dogs...except I mean it when I say that! Kind of...OK not really. If my dogs ran out of the yard I would go looking for them. But only so they didn't cause any trouble for anyone else. :-)

Can't wait to hear how the photo shoot went!

I think we need to have another girls' night or something one more time before Kelly's baby comes.

Welcome to our World said...

ohh let's Melissa! I mean as along as Marisa can come too... That would be SO nice.

Welcome to our World said...
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