Monday, August 18, 2008

Top Half or Bottom Half of the Muffin?

Muffin top... grr I am not a fan of this term. I like to think of it as the skin and fat my body needed to support a baby. Okay so with M I had this extra skin and fat for almost two years before I decided to take action. AND I still had ten lbs of weight to lose before I became pregnant again. Okay, so yeah I just do not like muffin top because I SO HAVE IT, UGH.

Over the weekend, a particularly stressful weekend where I ate like crap, I decided to make an effort a little sooner this time. I have a goal in mind - nothing too difficult. It entails the fact that I am turning THIRTY FIVE in November. I am sort of in awe that I am going to be half way through my 30s in a few months but that is neither here nor there (or a whole other post entirely ;) I figure that is a solid goal for weight loss.

I gained 40 lbs with this pregnancy PLUS the 10 lbs I never lost from my pregnancy with M. I begrudgingly got on the scale the other day and lo I have lost 24 lbs of the 40! Which totally rocks but I know this rapid weight loss tapers off soon, or it did for me the first time.

Nursing did not keep the weight off as promised plus when I tried to lose weight with M the first time my milk supply dipped rapidly so I went with that and decided it meant I could eat anything. I dove into everything bad from ice cream to high fat granola even regular fat yogurt. It was sort of frightening how unhealthy I was for the first two years of M's life. My milk on the other hand was apparently HIGHLY nutritious as M was at the top of the charts in height/weight despite the fact that he spit 90% of the milk up without fail every time he nursed.

ANY WHO, so my goal is to get down to the weight I was prior to getting pregnant with Miss Pancake. This would mean I would still have 10 lbs to go beyond that to get back to what I was before M was born but I am looking at baby steps. SO that means I would need to lose 16 lbs between now and November 11th. I was also considering training for something like a fall 5k race whether I run or walk it is still a question mark but right now I am going to start small.

I was recently thrilled to discover that with our cable network we have this On Demand thing. On Demand has section called the Free Spot. And on the Free spot there is a section called Exercise TV!!! I can choose from numerous workouts so I can do most everything while I am home in addition to the recumbent bike, the exercise ball and some weights we have in the basement. I hoping that will get me on the road to being fit and healthy again.

The hardest part of this situation will be giving up junk food. I am in love with eating certain things especially sweets right now. Since I cannot exactly exercise just yet I figure I work on the diet side of things while just doing some light weights. Actually the hardest part of this will be finding the time to exercise on top of taking care of two kiddos, working, keeping up the house, etc... I know being healthy has always been the lowest priority for me since I had M. I know it is important but spending time with my kiddos is #1, then work & home then me. I am trying make this list a bit more equalized this time so I am not always last...

Goals. Ugh, writing them makes them real no? Accountable? Oy. Okay well I am off to find those weights and do some lunges. Wish me luck, eh?


Pickles and Dimes said...

Good luck, good luck, good luck! Keep us posted, OK? I get motivated to keep up with my own exercising when I hear about other people's routines. :)

Jen said...

You can do it!

I hate the term muffin top as well- mostly because I still have a bit of a muffin top from my little Evan muffin. Sigh. But your post inspired me to get back on that treadmill!

melissa said...

I'm right there with you...except my muffin was born almost 11 months ago! I've totally been avoiding eating right and exercising because of nursing. I don't have plans to stop soon but I think I'll be less stressed about it after he turns 1 so that's when I plan to really get my butt in gear! Good for you getting started now!

el-e-e said...

Hey you! I have been... not reading you! WHY? I DON'T KNOW! So I am very sorry that I missed the Exciting Event on Aug 2nd! Congratulations and wow, what a beautiful family you have! :)

Anyway, chiming in on this entry because I, too, of the February muffin-top appearance, have been using Exercise TV On Demand. (Occasionally.) Heh. It rocks, when I get up the energy to do it. Hee. I'm putting you in my feed reader now.