Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Hmmm what word could I use to describe today?? Suckalious. Craptastic. Fucking Fun Filled FRUSTRATION? AND people actually choose to do this day in and day out, right? I mean for some people NOT going to work is like a choice and OMG does that Kate chick totally have EIGHT kids (and Kelly - UMMM Sainthood is being requested BY ME FOR YOU), 'cause hey TWO two kicked my ever loving ARSE today. YESH. Hell's bells. KILL ME NOW.

I am now glad the in laws are coming for like FOREVER and seriously they can stay FOREVER. I want to die. I want to ram a blade into my throat and call it a day BUT I still have to cook dinner (HA, left overs and a premade salad totally counts right?!??!), vacuum the basement because it has been since like April (ah yeah that would be M's birthday- please bring your kids by to hang out at my CLEAN clean house), breast feed 900 more times because I let the baby sleep all afternoon oh and yeah she SO will not sleep for me till about midnight so a mother's work is never done. Also, all the stress and worry I have felt the past two weeks is catching up in the form of indigestion so every time I think about eating I feel the storm pit of my stomach a BREWING and it is SO not pretty. Thank GAWD for Tums.

YES, I know I KNOW this is what I signed up (also this a bit tongue and cheek in case you were wondering though in part it is not)... please note I like to bitch about it no matter what. I cannot pretend that I love it all because DUDE I do not like some it. I do however love my son and this beautiful little baby who will totally breastfeed ANYWHERE and likes to sleep (OMG she will stop doing this soon, like any day now, HUH?!) I love that M can sing all the words to Wonder Pets and loves to dance to lame kid music (and gets me to dance to it to). I love that baby with all of my heart and soul and I feel totally blessed and seriously can a human be in love like that THREE times in their life, 'cause that rocks.

I love my kids, I love my life, I am happy but today I felt like I wanted to flee the Hurricane that was my world today and yet... yet I am still here and I will turn around and do it again tomorrow and the next day... thankfully until the inlaws arrive!

On a storm related note, PHOTOS (from last week. and also these photos are supposed to make up for the negative bitch fest I just had you know UP there. Yeah me.)


Pickles and Dimes said...

It's OK to complain when things are going haywire. It doesn't mean you don't appreciate the good stuff, you know?

I love that photo of Matthew in his rain coat!

AndreAnna said...

It does get hectic; just breathe. It will all fly by so quickly.

Jen said...

It's all good! Yeah for inlaws! :)

melissa said...

I always have to remind myself that I'm allowed to get frustrated if the kids are being crazy! It's OK! You guys will settle into a routine soon and it will be all good.

You guys are cool parents for letting M play in the rain!

Emily Headley said...

I love reading your blog, because it is like hearing you talk. I am laughing WITH you, not AT you. :) Going from one to two is like going from one to twenty. You will get into a routine soon enough. :)