Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day #2: Confessional

Hey, I am back. Oh one bonus that I am NOT going to complain about is that M and Miss Pancake both nap at the same time. Also, do not judge me but M is watching WAY way more television then the recommended "1-2 hours at most" for kids his age. It is how I am coping people. Wait till we have to break THAT habit. Way to go Momma! I ROCK.

This morning we only had one melt down EACH. M totally put another dent in the wall when I gave him a time out. I can feel the value of our home slipping as I speak... I feel the need to mention to you how horrible my language has been. Could this be hormonal? I mean seriously I say the "F" word and I say it often and maybe I even say it in front of M which ummm did you know he is like a parrot, kind of? SO yeah my kid may be the one teaching your kid how to swear soon enough. Which is kind of like a family tradition since my mom taught be this important word at an early age as well. Again I ROCK.

I think I am sling/baby carrier illiterate. I cannot get my kid into one of them for the life of me. SEND HELP NOW and quickly before I lose my mind. I cannot carry a baby in one arm for one more moment. I am heading out tomorrow I think to buy a stinkin' ring sling in hopes that I can figure that out. I mean seriously. Are these things supposed to make a baby sob uncontrollably??? Or is it just me. AND why do all the carriers say "it is SO easy to breastfeed using this product?" I call them on it and say BULL SHIT!!!

Finally, I have this love/hate relationship with TLC's Baby Story. Today I was flabbergasted by the lady who was baby #4 and she said something along the lines that being pregnant every year or two would be dandy with her and also that having her tubes tied was like killing her or taking the life right out of her, she felt empty... Okay I can understand this to some degree. I mean I am sad that we are done and even after some of the posts I have written recently I can see having another baby (WHICH WE ARE NOT SO DO NOT EVEN ASK or THINK THAT!)

But I do not think my life is over now that we done having babies. I feel like it is just beginning in some ways. It is neat to see Miss Pancake changing already. Her smiles and coos, her little bird legs turning into to chubby kissable baby goodness. Her sweet demeanor and the look she has on her face when she sees me like "ahhh I know you and I really think you are a pretty person to gaze upon" And pregnancy every year or two??? EKKKK. Scares me. Any who, I am rambling. Thank you for the supportive comments y'all. Emily, you can totally laugh at me and with me. I like that! I hope I making someone laugh because it makes it much much easier to laugh at myself at the end of the day!!


Pickles and Dimes said...

Your kids are both so adorable.

I like your honest take on life with two young ones. I sometimes see women with a lot of kids and then mentally calculate how long they spent being pregnant - it boggles the mind sometimes! :)

AndreAnna said...

Two kids is enough for us too! I get sad about it for like 4 seconds and then one of my kids has a tantrum and I feel much better about our decision again. :)